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As the Russian River crashes over rocks and slides on by meandering ducklings it is headed to Jenner where it meets the magnificent Pacific Coast. The mouth of the River remains open for a good portion of the year so the water travels up through Jenner to Guerneville and beyond. Every once in a while in the winter you can catch a glimpse of a seal or otter floating up the Russian River due to this. Jenner is a small community with a population of about 136. Properties for sale in Jenner range from elegant Ocean Front homes to small cabins for sale with a view of the ocean.

Observing Natural Wildlife

In Jenner one of the best things to do is to observe the natural wildlife in the area. There is everything from bird watching to see the magnificent bald eagles or the less elusive sea gulls to tide pool adventures to capture a glance at a starfish or other mystical sea creature. There is also whale and seal watching as well as spying on the occasional fox, deer, or bunny that are found around Jenner. Bodega Bay, Fort Ross, Goat Rock, and along the mouth of the Russian River are excellent places to look for natural wildlife in our area

Jenner By The Sea

Jenner by the sea is a retreat center and Inn. It originally began as a lumber mill supplying lumber to rebuild Santa Rosa and the San Francisco bay area after the great earthquake of 1906. After that it was a lodging office, general store, post office, tavern and a family fish house before it became what it is today. Jenner by the sea is often looked at as a very romantic spot for vacationers to get away as well as for weddings and other celebrations to occur. It offers an array of different things including Event hosting, eatery, and lodging.

Fort Ross

Originally Russian explorers sailed into Bodega Bay looking to claim the land from the Kashaya Pomo people. They later returned to their country with beaver skins and 1,160 otter pelts. In an attempt to gain more through the trade of these pelts they returned here only to realize that there were significantly less otters than there had once been. The Kashaya Pomo people had named the area Metini and the Russian’s decided with their modest anchorage and abundant natural resources this would become their Russian settlement of Fortress Ross. The name was derived from the Russian word Ros meaning Russia. Fort Ross was established as an agricultural base from which the northern settlements could be supplied with food and trade could commence. Fort Ross is a historical landmark lending explination to how the river once known as Metini became the Russian River. Today Fort Ross is a Historic State Park that many people visit in order to learn the history of our area.

River's End

River's End is a restaurant that overlooks the Russian River where it meets the sea! The views are breathtaking and people often spend time on the beach before and after their meal. River's inn was originally built in 1927 as a restaurant and Inn for loggers and fisherman. Today the restaurant is famous for its friendly service and excellent cuisine. They serve Lunch, Dinner and Desert. River's End is also an Inn and has lodging available for visitors. The lodging consists of cabins with views of the ocean and are set near the edible flower garden. River's End is one of the biggest attractions to our area with its historical beauty and gourmet menu and is recommended by visitors and locals alike as one of the must see places in our area.

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