Homes For Sale In Rio Nido, CA 95471

Rio Nido is a tiny little community located on River road just a mile east of Guerneville in a canyon that twists and tangles around the redwoods at the edge of the Russian River. Homes for sale in Rio Nido are mostly raised cabins. Rio Nido is a town all on its own with river access, a US Post Office, the Pegasus theater, the Roadhouse, dog park, and a tight knit community. It is home to some of the friendliest people on the Russian River and is riddled with Vacation Rentals that keep this small community full of excitement year round. The name Nido Nido was derived from a Spanish phrase "El Rio Del Nido" meaning River Nest because of the eagles that used to grace the area. If you keep your eyes out while your kayaking sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the few remaining eagles in the area.Properties for sale in Rio Nido mostly consist of raised cabins for sale and vacation rentals for sale. Some of the biggest concern people have when they are buying a home in Rio Nido are that it tends to get cold due to being a canyon and on top of that there is a canopy from the redwoods that blocks the sun. However many of the cabins for sale in Rio Nido have wood burning stoves or fireplaces which create a toasty atmosphere throughout the winter and in the summer it offers a shady spot for you to relax after playing in the river.

Rio Nido Roadhouse

The Rio Nido Roadhouse is a local community hang out spot regardless of what time of year it is. During the Summer the Roadhouse is an excellent place to take the kids to play in the pool, have parties, or just relax. If you are a sports fan the Roadhouse is all about that as well playing sports games including the super bowl and the world series. It is where the locals go to relax after a long day at work and where visitors go after a fun day playing on the beach. The Roadhouse is located at the entrance of the canyon.

Pegasus Theater

The Pegasus Theater is nestled just behind the Rio Nido Roadhouse in Rio Nido. The building that they use is the old Rio Inn that used to house sailors during World War 2 that were on their way to war in the Pacific. However in 1998 the Inn was converted to a live theater. This means that instead of big screens and sound systems the shows consist of live actors and actresses that have spent many grueling hours practicing their parts for your enjoyment.

Post Office And Dog Park

The US Post Office near the Dog Park in Rio Nido was established in 1908. Today the Post Office is primarily used for local’s to check their P.O Boxes. The Dog Park has obstacle courses for dogs to run around on as well as open ground. There are picnic tables which are fun for warm summer days and many of the locals congregate there with their dogs daily to let them get some exercise.


Rio Nido has canyons one, two, three, four, six, and seven. There is no canyon five in Rio Nido because of an accident that happened on canyon six that prevented the road from being put in. It is primarily made up of vacation homes and cabins. Rio Nido's slogan is Memories that linger due to the large amounts of vacationers that visit each summer and create lasting memories on the Russian River. During World War 2 a bunch of the facilities were added in order to accommodate the immense amount of Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines in transit to war in the Pacific. There used to be a boat that ran from the tunnel river access in Rio Nido to Johnson's Beach.