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Do you own Russian River Real Estate?

Thinking about selling your home? Consider choosing an agent that you trust will market your home to the best of their ability and bring you multiple offers. We love helping people accomplish their dreams and building relationships. Agents these days will take your home and throw it up on the MLS, hold an open house or place a Craigslist ad, but in today’s Russian River Real Estate market that isn’t what is selling homes! You need an agent who is online, who is all over Google, who uses social media and video to market your home. You need an agent who is on mobile devices and in front of ALL potential buyers.


Marketing Your Home

Are You Thinking About Listing Your Russian River House?

Most real estate companies don't double as a Media Company. However, in today's market if your home isn't in the media then it is NOT being seen! Try this exercise with me...Open another window and type in the NAME OF YOUR AGENT and the words REAL ESTATE. Now launch the Google search...what came up? Is your agent active online? Click the MORE TAB, and then click VIDEOS...Did your agent pop up? If not, then how would your home show up if your agent posted it online?


1.35 BILLION People on Facebook...

Many Agents today lack a Facebook presence and many sellers don't think that Facebook matters, however, if the agent listing your Russian River home for sale isn't using Facebook then your home won't be posted on Facebook...Doesn't your home deserve to be seen by those 1.35 billion potential buyers? Make sure that your agent is where the buyers are and that your home is getting the exposure it deserves!


1 BILLION People on YouTube...

Video marketing has shot straight to the top of the list of most effective marketing out there today. Buyers are no longer looking for pictures or statistics on a home, they are looking for videos! An agent with a strong YouTube presence will be able to market your home out to the 1 Billion potential buyers that searching for property videos on their phone on the way to work.


974 Million People on Twitter...

Does your agent tweet??? Well with 974 million potential buyers floating around out there on Twitter, if your agent isn't Tweeting then knock off 974 million people that could have seen your home but won't have the opportunity. It is important that your home is reaching all channels in social media so that your chance of getting multiple offers that are great deals increases.

Doesn't Your Home Deserve To Be Exposed To 3.324 Billion People? ~David R. Millar

Is Your Agent's Website Mobile Friendly?

Today's research shows that 60% of people who are online are using a mobile device. The average daily hours that a person spends on their mobile device online is 6 hours! When searching for real estate 52% of Americans say they searched properties online on their phone before contacting an agent. Now that you have these statistics, pick up your phone and search your agent's it mobile friendly or is the formatting awkward and out of focus? If you are having trouble navigating your agent's website on your phone then how are the 60% of people going to find your home on their mobile devices??? Make sure that your agent's site is mobile friendly so your home doesn't get lost in the mix!

Examples Of Some Of Our Best Property Videos

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What's Your Home Worth?

Selling your home begins with learning the value of your Russian River home. Begin by finding a local real estate agent that you trust and having them look through sold homes on the Russian River, homes that are listed for sale, and what the market conditions are for the Russian River Real Estate market and give you an estimate of what your home is worth. You may even want to get an appraisal done for additional information. Then you will need to decide on what price you want to list your home for sale at. Click here to Find your home's value.

Consider Staging Your Home For Sale

Staging a home for sale on the Russian River can make a huge difference in how many offers you get and how high the offers are. Staging is especially important if you have already moved out and your home is adding decor into the home you allow the buyer to envision how their furniture would fit and how they would decorate. Your agent will be able to assist you in making a decision on whether or not you should consider staging.


When you are selling a home you will enter into what is known as Escrow. Escrow is a neutral third party who only makes a move when both buyer and seller agree to it. Escrow is where the Earnest Money Deposit is wired when you enter into contract and the title company where escrow is held is who will record the deed at closing and send you a check! Click here to Learn About The Escrow Process


Closing time is the most exciting part of the transaction both for clients and for us here at Millar and Company. Our team will help you review your closing costs and the Estimated Settlement Statements provided by your title company to make sure that everything is in place before you close. Then you will need to pack up your belongings. Using our Moving Out Cleaning Checklist may help you with that. The best part of our job here at Millar and Company is letting you know that your home sold for a great price and wishing you well as you begin the next chapter in your real estate life!