20 Must Do's When You Come Out To The Russian River

If you are headed out to the Russian River for the day, the weekend, or the whole summer buckle up because you are about to head out on the adventure of a lifetime! I was thinking the other day that if I were going somewhere I had never been I would want to know where the best restaurants were to eat, where the best deals were, the little things that most people don't know about an area unless they live in that area! So I have started a list that I hope the locals will add to in the comments below that will help you know what you Must experience while visiting the Russian River!!! :-)

1. You absolutely must go into the Russian River at Johnson's Beach, drink some ice tea, hang out on the beach, rent a canoe, kayak or paddle boat and head out onto the water.

2. You must get a relaxing facial from Heidi at June Bug. She will be doing massage soon also which will be fun to see!

3. You must have a piece of pie or try a pie shake at Guerneville Bank Club

4. You absolutely must take your soaking wet dog that is covered in sand to Barkers Pet Supply and try their dog baths...

5. You must never leave your children alone in the Guerneville 5&10 because they will want everything in the store and your bank account will suffer!

6. You must go directly to Big Bottom Market upon entering town and order a Hangover!

7. You must take some time to visit some of our amazing Art Galleries here on the Russian River

Top 5 Places To Get A Great Burger On The Russian River

8. There are so many amazing places to eat here on the River but summer is a time for burgers...you must have a delicious Russian River style burger!

9. You absolutely must stay safe, hydrated, and covered in sunscreen! Larks Pharmacy will have everything you need!

10. You must make sure you are river ready with floaties, swimsuits, noodles, kayaks, fishing gear, inter-tubes and all other forms of splashing fun. Kings Sport and Tackle has you covered!

11. You must try some authentic sea food that is so delicious you will want to order the whole menu at Seaside Metal

12. Oh and desert you absolutely have to have some ice cream because all of us here on the Russian River LOVE ice cream! Head on over to Flavors Unlimited for a milkshake or Nimble and Finns for a scoop!

13. Here is an idea...You must go shopping! We have some of the cutest little shops that hold the most unique items you will find anywhere!

14. The Guerneville Taco Truck is commonly known in these parts as some of the most authentic Mexican Food in Sonoma County! This is a must because they are friendly, reasonably priced and delicious!

15. If you are awake at breakfast time you must stop by Pat's Diner on Main Street! They make delicious omelets and french toast!

16.When the sun goes down and the stars come out head on down to Vacation Beach and lay out on the sand to stargaze. It is a quiet place with very little light which makes for excellent stargazing!

17. There are lots of little cottages and cabins, vacation rentals and inns but if you are considering being here for just a short time I would consider pitching a tent at one of the nicer campgrounds on the Russian River

18. You must explore some of our more romantic spots here on the Russian River if this is a special weekend with a special someone...

19. You must take some treasures home for those that were not lucky enough to make it to the Russian River this year! Stop by River Queen and she will help you pick out some fun things for home.

20. Come By Millar and Company and say Hi! We love meeting new people!