Duncan’s Mills is an unincorporated community straddling State Route 116 along the Russian River. The locals are perhaps the most friendly people you will ever meet! The Population in this charming little historical town is around 175 people. The town is full of adorable little shops and restaurants that are great to hit up on your way to or from the ocean!  It is just 15 minutes west of Guerneville and like most of the Russian River and easy to get to.The town is full of wonder with gorgeous views and friendly neighbors. It is close to the ocean and has mostly family owned shops and restaurants. There is a very wide range of homes for sale in Duncan’s Mill’s including properties with views, sunshine, space for gardening, cabins, contemporary style homes, and even a few modular homes. There are everything from tiny $200,000 cabins to elegant riverfront homes for sale. Duncan’s Mills is chalk full of history having been on the route that the railroad took years ago. The history of this place is one of the things that draws people to the area and I think the coastal town gets into their heart and makes them want to come back year after year. Many of the small shops and restaurants are in their original buildings and have been owned for hundreds of years by locals whose families were around when the railroad was here. There are many events nearby that take place and always something to do in Duncan's Mills but they are known especially for hosting Civil War Days and the Russian River Rodeo every year!

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