Homes For Sale In Jenner 95450

As the Russian River crashes over rocks and slides on by meandering ducklings it is headed to Jenner where it meets the magnificent Pacific Coast. The mouth of the River remains open for a good portion of the year so the water travels up through Jenner to Guerneville and beyond. Jenner is full of quaint little shops and elegant restaurants, as well as inns and spas that look out over the ocean and sometimes the river as well. Every once in a while in the winter you can catch a glimpse of a seal or otter floating up the Russian River and the whale watching is said to be breathtaking. It is a small community with a population of about 136, but that doesn't make it a boring place to be by any means! This town is a vacation destination which means the majority of people there are only visiting from someplace else. The locals are very friendly and welcoming to everyone. Properties for sale in Jenner range from elegant Ocean Front homes to small cabins for sale with a view of the river. This is a fantastic place to visit for the day or to live in year round. There is a nesting pair of bald eagles that like to hang out at the mouth of the river and fight with the seals for fish and together they create a very entertaining show. There are small kite shops that have salt water taffy and sandwiches and all sorts of other yummy treats to entertain the kids for a day. The River's End is an elegant restaurant overlooking the Russian River and the Pacific Coast. Consider going up to Jenner one day and taking a Romantic moonlight walk along the beach with your significant other after fine dining at River's End. There is always something to do and the views are gorgeous.

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