Bringing The Double Bar Z Dream To Life

Double Bar Z Main House


Reuniting The Professionals That Sold The Land, Designed The House And Built It To Be Sustainable & Beautiful! 


At midday professional architects, landscapers, contractors and realtors gather at Double Bar Z Ranch in Cazadero at the sight of the dream-style lodge, build with sustainability in mind, to share their experience in bringing Barbra Bucks dream to fruition.

Attendees of the event included Rick Taylor of Elder Creek Landscapes, Wendy Young of The American Institute of Architects, Rody Jones of Pure Power Solutions, Reuben Jacobson and Richard Kirby of Kirby Construction, Bruce MacDonell of the Russian River Wild Steelhead Society, David Leff of Leff Construction, Marilyn Standley of Standley Architecture, Jordon Lebovich of JBL Photography and Rich Hoaglund of LeDUC & Dexter INC.


Huddled in the living room they shared trade secrets and behind the scenes insight into what it was like building a home that was both energy sustainable and composed of natural resources without compromising the unique architectural design that Ms. Buck had envisioned. Each person in the room had a hand in making her dream a reality and I got the first hand account of how they pulled it all off without a hitch!


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"I remember standing right there when Barbara Buck asked me if I though she could build a house here and I told her yes, you could build a house right here!" ~David R. Millar Realtor


View From The Main House At Double Bar Z Ranch

The Perfect Setting

In 2005 Barbra Buck bought the land from Robert Schneider. The Schneider family built the small retreat cabin at the edge of the pond and generations had enjoyed days out hunting and fishing at the ranch. David R. Millar, Barbara's real estate agent and a friend of the Schneider family, brought her out to show her the estate. Ms. Buck agreed that the vast 722 acres bordering Austin Creek state preserve was definitely the perfect setting for her dream-style lodge. 11 years ago at ground zero David and Barbara stood looking out at the spot where one of the most elite homes in Sonoma County would soon stand. "I remember standing right there when Barbara Buck asked me if I thought she could build a house here and I told her yes, you could build a house right here," David Millar exclaimed. The seed had been planted and now it was time to make Ms. Bucks dream a reality.

Touring Double Bar Z Ranch

Interior Architecture Of Double Bar Z Ranch

ENTRY at Double Bar Z Ranch

The Design

Ms. Buck had some very specific styles that she wanted woven into her home. Her next task was to find an architect who could design the home with her ideas but also use their creative side and attention to detail to create a work of art. Marilyn Standley was the perfect architect for the job.

"She had a few key words in mind...she said she wanted it to look organic like it was growing out of the ground, light and airy like a hunting lodge but not too rustic, with a Gothic flare. She wanted it to have a stone base. All of those things were what I had to keep in mind when I was designing it." ~Marilyn Standley Architect

Mrs. Buck was instrumental in creating the design for the home and in the end the agreement was that they had created the dream-style lodge that she had imagined. The only thing left to do was build it!

CONSERVATORY Spa at Double Bar Z Ranch

David R. Millar at Double Bar Z Ranch

Awakening The Dream

The combination of the elegant high-class home that Marilyn had drawn up and the original specifications that Ms. Buck had set forth to make it sustainable and preserving the feeling of the home rising up out of the ground took many professionals showing up day in and day out to make sure that the project had the attention that it deserved.

David Leff Of Leff Construction

Breaking Ground

It wasn't long before Ms. Buck & Marilyn Standley joined forces with Leff Construction and began working side by side with David Leff and Bruce MacDonell. The foursome began the overwhelming task of making sure that they had all of the necessary approval from the County and had all of the right permits to begin building the new house. The construction began with the chill of the oncoming winter in the air and against the odds they were able to lay the foundation before the rain began halting the progression of the project. They would have to work closely with the landscaper, the solar engineers, electricians, plumbers, and so on to make sure the home remained energy sustainable without loosing it's integrity.

Rody Jonas Pure Power Solutions

Green & Clean

Sustainability was one of the key components that went into the design and execution of the home. To do achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint Ms. Buck had Rody Jonas From Pure Power Solutions to install solar panels on the ground which actually provided more energy for the home than the ones on the roof would have. Additionally a grid intertied photovoltaic system with a battery back up was put in place by Rich Hoaglund of LeDUC & DEXTER INC. This would allow the solar panels to heat water which would then heat the house. See More Sustainable Features And Sustainability Awards

Joining The House With The Landscape

Rick Taylor of Elder Creek Landscapes is the man responsible for the gorgeous gardens, ephemeral ponds, and recycling of water around the house at the ranch. His design intent was to honor Ms. Bucks wishes and make the home look as if it was rising up out of the ground. Giant boulders were harvested from all over the 722 acre ranch and brought back to dot the landscape. Ms. Buck choose some of the plants in the garden as vital however left most of the aesthetic design to Rick Taylor who put his skills to work and designed the landscape.


The tour was beautiful and the day was filled with stories of the trials and successes of executing the Double Bar Z Ranch Dream! A special thank you to Wendy Young who coordinated this event and to all of the attendees. If you would like to schedule a tour of this home call/text 707-217-1786 today!