Russian River Lifestyle

Sept. 16, 2014

Peace And Tranquility Found On The Russian River!

Welcome To The Russian River Where Our Favorite Game Is Lost and Found!

David R. Millar Your Local Guerneville Real Estate Agent

What you will lose when you come to the Russian River is the stress and frustration of daily life. You will lose your fear of what might happen in the future and the mundane feeling that comes ...

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Sept. 9, 2014

Living the Dream On The Russian River!

Russian River Living

I have lived and worked on the Russian River for some time now and I have discovered that there are really only two ways of seeing the Russian River area. Back in the day the Pomo Indians referred to Guerneville as Ceola which means the dark place ...

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Aug. 26, 2014

The Unbreakable Connection Living On The Russian River!

A Glimpse At Living On The Russian River!

The Russian River is a resort town full of excited vacationers escaping the reality of their lives and for awhile they get to experience paradise. This isn't new! Since the onset of the logging industry in the 1800's this town ...

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July 10, 2014

The Peaceful Speech Of A Cazadero Creek!

I was in escrow on a house in Cazadero and went there to be part of the inspection process, only to find something unexpected! The Creek there began to speak! It whispered traquil thoughts into my soul and filled me with such peace and happiness! This is one of the ...

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Sept. 17, 2013


Steelhead Trout

Steelhead fishing on the Russian River is a time-honored sport here in Northern Califonia.  Native Pomo Indians may not have referred to it as a sport, but a necessary part of life as would the Russians fur traders who were the first non-native group to habitat the areal.  Today Russian ...

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July 29, 2013



Redwoods of Armstrong Woods

The Coastal Redwood tree, found in the Russian River Valley, is the tallest living organism on our planet.  They can live up to 2,000 years and can grow as tall as 350 feet.  When I am feeling overwhelmed with life I take a walk through this living ...

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