Russian River Merchants & Services

March 6, 2015

Meeting Our Neighbors at Russian River Escapes!

I recently met Stace Jardine and Karen Lawson who own Russian River Escapes property management company here in Guerneville and talked to them about their business and what exactly they do. Stace warmly replied "Homeowners hire us to take care of their property. Anything from decorating to yard work. We ...
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Feb. 13, 2015

Getting Into The Guerneville Groove At Main Street Bistro!

What makes Main Street Bistro Part Of Russian River Living?

Friday evening Main Street Bistro is in full swing with live bands, delicious food, and a fully stocked bar! The building has recently been remodeled giving it a casino speakeasy feel to it. I almost expected a flapper to come ...

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Dec. 4, 2014

Guerneville Is Heating Up!

3 Alarm Grill Spices Up The Guerneville Community

I met with Kerri Griffiths the manager of the 3 Alarm Grill that is Opening this Friday to spice up the Guerneville Community! She is a strong woman with an easy and happy demeanor that makes you feel comfortable the minute you meet her ...
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Aug. 16, 2014

Building A Future With Main Street Legal And Russian River Real Estate!

Local Russian River Agent gives Main Street Legal A Great Review

Sebastian Titus owns a legal office in the same building as Millar and Company and as a local Russian River agent I want to be able to refer my clients to the best of whatever they need. If they ...

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July 24, 2014

Historical Fern Grove Cottages On The Russian River

Visiting The Russian River?

I went over to Fern Grove Cottages recently to talk to the Innkeeper Annie Boutelle to find out more about the historical cottages and what they have to offer people visiting the Russian River. What she revealed to me was absolutely stunning! To begin this story ...

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July 22, 2014

Shakedown Street Embodies Russian River Living!

Russian River Living Includes Visiting Shakedown Street!

Coco Johnson moved to Guerneville from Detroit three years ago and immediately opened her own little shop. Shakedown Street has what we like to call "River Charm!" It is primarily made up of local, hand made items and has a very green, peaceful ...

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July 17, 2014

The Russian River Chamber Of Commerce Is The Heart Of The Forest!

Located in the heart of the forest in the quaint river town of Guerneville is the Russian River Chamber of Commerce. The Russian River Chamber of Commerce has a mission statement that speaks volumes about how indispensable they are to our local businesses and the community in general! Their Mission ...
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July 15, 2014

West Sonoma Inn And Spa Welcomes You To Guerneville!

With the Russian River Real Estate market catching fire I have been showing a lot of property in Guerneville. Whenever I am out I keep noticing the very classy signs and beautiful landscaping of West Sonoma Inn and Spa here at the edge of Guerneville just outside of town. Today ...

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June 23, 2014

Sick Puppy On The Russian River?

I was walking through Guerneville today and I realized that I had never actually been inside the Russian River Veterinary Clinic, so I decided to stop in and introduce myself. The veterinary assistant that greeted me was very sweet and informed me that even though the clinic has gone through ...

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June 13, 2014

The Kings Of The Russian River



I met with a local shop keeper in Kings Sporting Goods store here in Guerneville today. He was very friendly and gave me some history about the place that has been known to be the best place to shop for sporting goods in Guerneville for years. Steve Jackson ...

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