Top 30 Real Estate Bloggers You Should Be Following On Google+

30 Real Estate Bloggers You Should Be Following On G+

There are so many reasons to blog these days from writing up a blog about your personal journey to developing expertise. Google+ is the place to be these days to find other people who are blogging about things that you want to hear and learn about. You have probably begun your journey into the Google+ world, quietly posting your blogs and adding a +1 to adorable little kittens that have nothing to do with real estate, and getting absolutely NO FEEDBACK OR SUPPORT! This isn't right! Your blog was really well thought out and would have been inspirational to many and yet nothing. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you aren't following the people who would be interested in your blog, who would be willing to critique it, and would be willing to share it to show their support of your efforts. In the Google Game you are going to want to be giving as much as you get! It is a symbiotic relationship between you and some of the top professionals in your field in which you give them feedback and support and they give you feedback and support. But who are the experts in your field??? Well, I have taken the liberty of collecting the articles and bloggers for you into this nice list so you can begin your reading and become an expert in real estate.

bill gassett

#1 Bill Gassett

Bill has written a number of articles over some time and they are always big hits but he wrote one in 2014 that is one of my favorites titled How to Deal With Bad Neighbors When Selling a Home that you have to read! I love his explanation of the best way to handle your crazy neighbors when you are selling a home. Bill Gassett is one of the Real Estate Bloggers you should be following on G+.


#2 Kyle Hiscock

Kyle is another expert blogger who comes up with the best graphics and always has a way of explaining a subject as if he is just sitting on the couch chatting with you instead of teaching you something. Check out this article called Tips For Buying A Vacation Home by Kyle Hiscock now and see what I am talking about. He is definitely one of the bloggers you should be following on G+.

photo (1)

#3 Debbie Drummond

Debbie Drummond is a specialist in Luxury homes and her blog reflect the class that she maintains in her field of expertise. She wrote an article called Things to Put Away When Selling Your Home Checklist that is very well written and I think is a great representation of what type of blogger she is and why you should be following her on G+.

photo (2)

#4 Teresa Cowart

Another blogger you should be following on G+ is Teresa Cowart who writes her blogs with a little humor and a lot of reality. Ever had a buyer write an offer and then decide they don't want the house...sigh! Teresa wrote an article called I MADE AN OFFER ON A HOME, BUT I’VE CHANGED MY MIND which happens in real estate often but no one ever wants to talk about it! Teresa is not afraid to say what needs to be said!

Karen Highland

#5 Karen Highland

Karen Highland is definitely a blogger you should be following on G+. Her articles are mostly geared toward green living and showing off the beauty of her area! She is also very friendly making if fun to chat with her on G+. Her article Best Home Improvement Trends for Homeowners is a wonderful read if you are looking to upgrade your home to be more energy efficient.

Paul Sian

#6 Paul Sian

Paul Sian is an awesome writer and is very friendly and supportive on G+. If you need to know anything he is the go to guy. His article Great Social Media Platforms To Use For Real Estate is a great place for any new real estate social media marketer to start if they are looking for some information on how to successfully market on social media.

Ryan Fitzgerald

#7 Ryan Fitzgerald

Ryan Fitzgerald had me confused for a minute because he often goes by Raleigh Realty on G+. His blog is awesome because he chooses to highlight his points with easy to understand infographics. Take a look at his 10 Steps to Buying a House and see the beautiful infographic that lays out the process quickly and easily while his article puts those images into a detailed explanation.

David Cronnin

#8 David Cronnin

David Cronnin is another popular person you should be following on G+. His blog has great graphics and short paragraphs making them visually appealing and to the point for an easy read. He wrote an article called Expert Advice on Moving With Children that is a great example of this. Check it out and you will know why he is one of the bloggers you should be following on G+.

Dan Miller

#9 Dan Miller

Dan Miller is one of the bloggers you should be following on G+ because of the mass amount of information that he provides! He wrote a very in-depth article that highlights what he calls the 5 "P's" of real estate called called How to Document Upgrades and Improvements for your Real Estate Listing that is just fantastic.

Nathan Garrett

#10 Nathan Garrett

Nathan Garrett is a must follow on G+ because of his playful graphics, easy to read format in his blogs, as well as informative content. His article How to CRUSH IT as a Homeowner brings his sense of humor and ability to draw people into his content to light. If you are not following him on G+ go do it now!

photo (5)

#11 Inlanta Mortgage

Inlanta Mortgage otherwise known as the Madison Mortgage Guys is one of the bloggers you should be following on G+. Although they are not a real estate company they provide great information on the latest in home loans and mortgages, as well as all sorts of real estate information. Read  To Escrow or Not to Escrow for an example of their real estate content.

Anita Clark

#12 Anita Clark

Anita Clark is warm and friendly and very supportive of everyone on G+. She is an excellent agent to follow on G+ for her personality alone but when you add in her wonderful real estate tips then you get a bonus too! Explore this article called Real Estate Lingo Buyers Need to Know to see how informative she can be!


#13 RisMedia

RisMedia is another one of the bloggers you should be following on G+ because they give the latest in home design and educate you on how to keep up with the market. Their latest blog Smarter Living: How to Automate Your Home is an awesome example of how they are up to date with the rapidly changing market.

Ferris Property Group

#14 Ferris Property Group

Ever feel like you are going to fall asleep while reading a blog? Well Ferris Property Group is one of my favorite people to follow on G+ because their blogs are ALWAYS interesting and they are always full of fantastic graphics. One of their best articles in my opinion is What You Need To Know About Buying a Short-Sale House

Lynn Pineda

#15 Lynn Pineda

Lynn tells it like it is and gives it to you straight but in a way that makes you feel really good about reading her content. It's funny sometimes how much real estate agents will gloss over to avoid scaring off clients but Lynn outlines it in such a way that clients are probably grateful to know the truth. Read her blog 10 Tough Pills to Swallow when Selling a Home and you will see what I mean.

Xavier De Buck

#16 Xavier De Buck

Xavier is one of the bloggers you should be following on G+ as well. His point of view on many real estate related topics tends to fall in line with mine. Also, his demeanor is very calm and friendly so it is easy to connect with him on social media. Read his blog How To Ensure Success As a Real Estate Agent in 2016 to help kick-start your  marketing.

David Headshot

#17 David R. Millar

Me...this is should follow me on G+! I will provide you with my take on the best ways to handle sticky situations, the logistics of real estate and soooooo much about the Russian River community that you won't be able to resist coming to visit...yep we will have you California bound in no time! Check out my blog Here


photo (19)

#18 Joe Manausa

Joe is definitely one of the bloggers you should be following on G+ because he is very humble. Instead of pretending like he know everything he reaches out and quotes or links to people who have a better understanding or another perspective to consider. Should You Hire A Content Marketer To Sell Your Home? is a great example of this.

Barbara Bottitta

#19  Barb Bottitta

Barb has a more traditional style of posting which includes far less graphics and way more valuable content which is important because there are a lot of people out there that still appreciate reading an article that focuses more on what is being said and less on visual aid. TRUE COST OF SELF-MOVING VS. HIRING A MOVER is one of her best articles so far.

Tina Isrealson

#20 Tina Isrealson

Tina is the social queen on G+. She is loyal to her followers and makes a point of always saying nice uplifting things. Her posts are always positive and she is generally a very likable person. Home Buyers: How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes does a wonderful job of demonstrating her writing style.

Erika Lewis

#21 Erika Lewis

Erika Lewis puts so much personality into her writing and gives it a very human perspective. Her blog even contains cooking recipes and other articles rarely found in a real estate blog. Her article As a Home Buyer: Do You know what You Want and Need in a Home? is a must read!

Kathy Clulow

#22 Kathy Clulow

Kathy is one of the bloggers you should be following on G+ because her articles are short and sweet and to the point. She is really friendly and a great source of information if you are looking to succeed in real estate. Explore her article Little Improvements = Big Returns to see what I mean.


#23 HouseHunt

HouseHunt is another blogger you should be following on G+ because they always have a perspective you haven't thought about! Their article Bull in a China Shop: Is Your Real Estate Business Unbreakable? is a great example of this because it asks you to ponder your business and what could cause it to crash.

Jeff Knox

#24 Jeff Knox

Jeff is someone that seems to fit everything perfectly into a blog. His blogs have a ton of information, awesome graphics, and even videos! This article Typical Issues on a Home Inspection shows his use of all of these things without making his content seem cluttered or overdone!

Andrew Fortune#25 Andrew Fortune

Andrew  uses infographics, colorful graphics, and perfect organization to create beautiful blogs, but he is also very friendly online and an expert in his field and his article 3 Sacrifices People Make When Hiring a REALTOR® Out Of Obligation To A Friend or Family Member is why I think he is one of the bloggers you should be following on G+.

photo (11)#26 Joe Samson

Joe has a way of taking real estate topics such as How to Lower Your Property Taxes and making them exciting. His blog has really cool graphics, colorful decorations, and is well organized. He is friendly and always has encouragement for anyone who is working hard to be a blogger on G+.

photo (12)#27 Tyler Zey

Tyler is with Easy Agent Pro and he represents them so well with his interesting blog. He is one of the people you should be following on G+ because he is an expert in his field and he is always providing information that is invaluable like his article Why your clients call at night, and 4 simple ways to prevent it.

Angela Duong

#28 Angela Duong

Angela is also one of my newer friends on G+ however in the short time I have been connected with her I have come to appreciate the way that she uses infographics and beautifully crafted pictures to accent her articles. She wrote a blog called 3 Reasons Not To Let In That Home Buyer that I thought was the best article she has written so far.

Wendy Weir

#29 Wendy Weir

Wendy has specialized in National and International relocation for 19 years. She is another one of those social queens that just dominates social media and she decorates her G+ page with excellent content like her article Selling Your Home In The Winter Can Be Very Smart!

Jack Otto

#30 Jack Otto

Jack is a new friend of mine on G+ however I followed him because his blog is all the rage on G+! Everyone is referring to him as an expert and I had to see what they were talking about! This is the article I read that made me want to follow him on G+...No Matter Which Groundhog You Listen To, You Should Sell Before Spring!