Top 5 Places To Get A Great Burger On The Russian River

Top 5 Places To Get A Great Burger On The Russian River

#1 Garden Grill

Garden Grill Guerneville CA

Garden Grill is a local favorite if you want to get a great burger on the Russian River. The locals swarm there for breakfast lunch and dinner, however, one of their best dishes is their burgers! They have a 1/2 pound Char Burger with all natural Angus beef that has no hormones or antibiotics, a Char-Broil Chick breast burger also all natural, or their Garden Veggie Burger! Their menu is jam-packed with delicious food but their burgers are something of a dream! The fact that they have remained natural in spite of relief of a less natural alternative lends credit to their moral standing and the locals love that about them! This is a place where anyone of any age can get a great burger on the Russian River!

#2 Northwood

Northwood Restaurant Guerneville CA

Northwood restaurant is located right in the middle of Northwood Golf Course which is one of the most beautiful locations on the Russian River. It is surrounded by towering redwoods and located within walking distance of the river. Their restaurant is full of delicious dishes that many golfers and their visitors have stopped in to sample throughout the years. They majorly trick you on their website because they leave off of their menu their delicious burgers! They have some of the best hamburgers on the Russian River and you can sit outside and gaze out at the gorgeous surroundings while you eat it.

#3 Trio

Located right in downtown Guerneville on Main Street, Trio is a lively bar and grill that features nightly live music and reasonable prices. If it's a burger your looking for and it happens to be a Tuesday then you will definitely want head over to Trio's for their Tuesday special $5.00 burger. 

#4 Russian River Pub


Photo Courtesy of Russian River Pub Photo Courtesy of Russian River Pub


The Russian River Pub is located outside of town here in Guerneville just past Korbel on River Road. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they are a casual beauty nestled in the forest. They are the best at dressing up hamburgers in every which way and still make them all delectable. They feature a sauteed mushroom and bacon burger, a charbroiled burger, a spicy jalapeno burger, a chili cheeseburger, a turkey burger, a garden burger and if none of those sound amazing to you then you can opt to build your own burger! This is their way of making sure that everyone can get a great burger on the Russian River!

#5 3 Alarm Grill

3 Alarm Grill Guerneville CA

Can you hear the Alarm? That would be three alarms actually! The 3 Alarm Grill is another fantastic place to get a great burger on the Russian River with their Firehouse Burger. Their burgers are delicious and they come with their specially seasoned fries as well! The 3 Alarm is fairly new to the Russian River but since they have been here they have been kicking up a storm and stirring up the locals with their friendly service and firehouse decor! Anyone who hasn't stopped in for one of their great burgers is definitely missing out!