As children we are free to laugh and play, we are encouraged by our parents to "Go outside and play" and we do it. Over the years we begin the process of leaving childhood and entering mainstream society where playing is looked down upon as being immature. Many adults tend to get their stress relief through drinking, gambling, shopping, or other nasty vices. The world can be a hard place and every day we set out to carve out our place in it striving to be productive members of society and always doing our best. The idea of carefree play is lost and our creativity begins to suffer.

How does this relate to social media?

The most frequent conversation that I have about social media goes a little like this...

Person Who Doesn't Blog: "Oh you have a blog, that is so wonderful! I would like to have a blog but I don't really have the time."

Me: "Well, I usually only spend about an hour a week writing and it's mostly my opinions"

Person Who Doesn't Blog: "I could probably find an hour a week to blog but I never know what to write!"

Me: " I have found that the best cure for that is to unplug."

Back To Nature

Now many people will be totally confused at this point so let me break it down for you. As children we see a kid playing with a ball and small metal objects and we say "can you teach me how to play that" and the other child teaches us how to play. Before long we have mastered the game of Jacks and we are on to learn something new. In social media we need to begin by looking at what other people are doing that is new, fun, hip and interesting. If it is fun for you to see then it will probably be fun for someone else to see.

If we are blogging then the best way to know how to begin is by getting out of the office/business that we are blogging for. In my experience, if I am at a total loss for something to write then I go for a walk in nature. Technology can really expand the mind but in my opinion, it can also squash natural creativity if overused.

Let's say you have a yoga studio and you are writing a blog. You have decided to write about some great places where someone could go to do yoga. If you haven't gone out into the world to explore then you have no idea what hidden tranquil spots are in your area. Take a break and go explore the great outdoors and I would be willing to bet you will find something to blog about.

We get so caught up in making a living and taking care of our families, promoting our business and for some even trying to get rich fast. Often times people will switch from one device to another. Think about it for a minute...when was the last time you went a whole day (24 straight hours) with no phone, watch, TV, internet, computer, iPad, etc. When was the last time you truly unplugged and got out into the world to experience the full effect uninterrupted by digital media?

There is a big wide open world out there full of blessings and adventures and the best blogs come from those who have experienced it. So if you are stumped and unsure what to write I suggest getting back to nature and letting that restore your creativity.