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10 Popular Tasting Rooms In The Russian River Area

Sonoma County and the Russian River areas are centered in the heart of wine country but where can you go to sample these sinfully delicious wines? This article will highlight 10 of the most popular tasting rooms in the Russian River area and what makes them special.

Porter-Bass Winery

Porter Bass (4)

Porter Bass winery is located on Mays Canyon in Guerneville. Although they don't have a spacious tasting room they do offer a taste of any of their exquisite wines by appointment any day of the week. Their wines are made through a gentle and slower fermenting process that allows the richness of the earth to be infused in every sip. Porter Bass is local serving top quality wine here in the heart of wine country.

Korbel Champagne Cellars

Korbel Vineyards

Korbel is located on River Road just outside of Rio Nido. They are known for having beautiful garden tours, delicious food in the gourmet delicatessen and some of the best champagne in Sonoma County. They offer public and private winery tours and tasting daily. One of the things that makes Korbel special is it's long history here in the area. The Korbel family settled here in the mid 1800's and have been perfecting the art of making champagne for more than two hundred years!

Moshin Vineyards

moshin vineyards russian river

If you want to find the best of something then you must look to those who have a passion for creating it! Rick Moshin was a math teacher with a love for Pinot Noir. Today he and his family own 28 acres of grapes and have arguably the best Pinot Noir on the Russian River. Their farming methods are sustainable using gravity flow and solar energy.

Russian River Vineyards

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The winemaker Giovanni Balistreri hand picks each site used to grow these gorgeous vines. With the ability to taste one grape and know how the wine will taste after the grapes have been put through the wine making process Giovanni has the ability to weed out bad grapes before they ever reach your glass ensuring rich flavor in every sip!

Jigar Wines

Jigar (1)

Enthralled by the farmers who work tirelessly to ensure a great harvest Jigar decided he wanted to make wine with a crew of this stature. He gathered a crew with a passion for growing and together they have produced amazing Russian River wines. Their catchphrase is "celebrate life" which is exactly what you will find yourself doing when you taste these wines.

Sophie's Cellars

Radiating modern chic and historic charm Sophie's Cellar is a place where the best of wine country can be found here on the Russian River. The grounds are decorated with gorgeous gardens that make sipping wine while taking a walk one of the days most relaxing moments. It is the perfect place to take a moment to really appreciate all that life has to offer.

Hartford Family Winery

hartford family winery

Specializing in the Russian River's top production of old vine Zinfandel, Hartford Family Winery has made a name for itself among wine critics across the united states. Their tasting room is open daily for you to stop in and enjoy vineyard views while tasting their award winning Chardonnay and Zinfandel created from vines over 100 years old.

Kistler Vineyards

Kistler Vineyards

Kistler Vineyards doesn't have an open tasting room however they are so elite that one must make an appointment to have a private tasting at the winery. The winery began with Steve Kistler and his family and was later joined by Mark Bixler and Jason Kesner. Together these three well educated men have built their wine empire educating others on what delicious wine really tastes like.

Fort Ross Vineyards (2)

With Vineyards positioned along the coast Fort Ross Vineyards make no bones about wanting to produce only wines of purity and elegance and they do it with amazing grace. In addition to their infamous wine club that draws people from all over the world inviting them to take a sip of the coastal wine country, they have a tasting room that is grandiose and welcomes visitors every day of the week.

Sonoma Coast Vineyards

sonoma coast vineyard

This is the epitome of artisan wine from hand picked and sorted fruit to hand punch downs multiple times daily. Every grape is treated with care and hand crafted into gourmet wine. Wine spends extended development time in French Oak barrel with light filtration to pull out every level of flavor available.