Set high in the Pacific Coast hills 34+acres of land is lauding  over the beautiful Russian River valley.  With sunshine mingle through the rolling hills and meadows of the coastal range sits this wonderful piece of land for sale high  above Guerneville. The flora include Douglas Iris, Indian paint brush, Buttercups, Lupines, Brodiaes, along with Oak, Pine, Fir, maple, Madrone and Hemlock  trees.

Fauna include squirrel, deer, raccoon, fox, coyote, skunk, bobcat, and an occasional black bear or mountain lion.  The three buildings that are situated within the 34 acres are each unique.  The Russian River valley makes for spectacular views through out the day but in the evenings as the sun is setting with the marine layer  poised just offshore, gorgeous hues of reds and oranges can be seen.  Come check out the seen and call David R. Millar (707) 217-1786.