Rarely will you find a more peaceful community and beautiful environment in one place than Cazadero which  has a rich history as a lumber town and gravel source making it similar to many communities around the Russian River Valley.  Austin Creek, one of the last large streams to supply the Russian River before she makes her way to the pacific ocean at Jenner, is a rare phenomenon in northern California.  The source of the river is an area high in the coastal range known as The "Cedars" but  little is known about it.

The geologically unique 11 square mile land mass named The Cedars was recently acquired by the State to preserve and study as the head waters of Austin Creek.  Periodite from the earth mantel is going through a geologic process (metamorphic transformation) resulting in the lovely green stone we know as serpentine.  Austin Creek consisting of the spring water that flows out of this landscape and flows right through the backyard of  this gorgeous home for sale in Cazadero.

Much of the Austin Creek's bed glow with the wondrous green hue which comes form the Serpentine rock formed at it's source. The home for sale has a private beach formed by one of the many bends in the creek as it meanders down to the Russian River.  With great light all day, a grove of redwood trees on the north side and babbling creek in the back  this secluded home and it's detached granny unit (poosible income property) have privacy, tranquility and views that are a must see.