Redwoods of Armstrong Woods

The Coastal Redwood tree, found in the Russian River Valley, is the tallest living organism on our planet.  They can live up to 2,000 years and can grow as tall as 350 feet.  When I am feeling overwhelmed with life I take a walk through this living reminder of my magnitude in the world (or lack thereof) and breath in the fresh oxygen provided by these magnificent wonders.  I am blessed to be able to walk with these marvels, living in Russian River area, and take every chance I get to take a deep breath, letting my day to day troubles slip away.  It can be so easy to let life and its minute problems take space in my head.  But by having a disciplined practice of letting go, serenity can be found, especially here in the beautiful setting of Armstrong Woods.

 Armstrong Redwoods

Find peace and serenity here.  There are hundreds of homes for sale in the Russian River Valley, just 90 minutes drive to the bay area. Many folks live here and commute to work and if need be take the drive once a week, it is well worth it.  Life is short, breath deep, and call (707) 217-1786.