outstanding articles for selling your home

When  are selling your home you begin your journey forward into the future. It is the beginning of a new adventure in real estate and in life. To help you along this journey I have composed this article full of resources and information that will help you get your home ready to sell, choose when to sell it, get great offers, and eventually move on to the next chapter in your life. To make sure that you have a good variety of resources I have included articles from some of the top professionals in the real estate industry.


Before Selling Your Home, You Must Get It Ready To Sell

To begin you will want to choose a real estate agent. There are some things that you should consider when choosing an agent such as where the agent is located, how they plan on marketing your home, do they have a strong online presence and do they use video. This may seem silly but you will want a local real estate agent that knows your area and is active online since that is where the buyers are the most active. To learn more visit my Selling Page and watch the video "5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Agent" at the top of the page.

Now once you have chosen an agent that you can trust you will want to determine the home value, the selling price, and gather disclosures that will help with your transaction. To get a more thorough explanation of these steps visit Lynn Pineda's  article "What steps are involved in selling a home?" and go through each of the steps to make sure that you have what you need to move forward.

When you are sure that you have a great agent and that you are ready to get to selling your home then it is time to tidy up your home and get it ready to show! To do that you will want to make sure that all personal items are tucked away and that your home is clean. Nathan Garrett has a fantastic article called "6 Quick Tips to Get Your Home Ready to List" that can help you get your home in tip-top condition and ready to WOW the buyers!

Another good thing to consider is your curb appeal. This is how your yard, fence, etc look when someone is driving by. It is beneficial when you are selling your home to make sure that your home looks inviting to anyone who may be driving by checking it out. To get some great tips on how to shape up your curb appeal quickly visit Janis Borgueta's article "Curb Appeal When Selling a Home!"

Selling your home

Selling Your Home At The Perfect Time

When your selling your home you will want to consider each of the seasons and how they can help or hurt your chance of maximum exposure and offers on your home. Consider this...If you list your home in the winter there are less homes on the market and therefore there is less for buyers to choose from. This creates a frenzy because buyers are focused on fewer homes giving you the opportunity to get multiple offers. However, if you list your home in the spring or summer then there are more buyers out looking for homes and your home is sure to look better with the sun shining on it so your chance of getting multiple offers improves then as well. Read Angela Duong's article " Tips To Optimize Selling Your Home In The Fall" and Teresa Boardman's article "When Is The Best Time To Sell?"  and David Cronnin's article "12 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter" to help make your decision.


Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

As you continue through this process of selling your home you will want to consider the idea that your home may be special in some way that would require a little more investigation. For instance, if you are selling a condo then you should consider looking up some articles on condos such as Dan Miller's article "Staging Your Condo In Under Two Hours" and RisMedia's article "How To Get Inside The Seller's Mindset". If you have pet's and you are selling your home then you will want to look at articles that can help smooth the transition for you and your furry family members such as Paul Sian's article "Tips For Selling A Home With Pets" and Anita Clark's "Relocation Tips When Moving With Pets."

If your home is not selling and has been on the market for awhile then you should consider reading "4 Reasons Your Home Isn't Selling & The Things Your Agent Might Be Too Scared To Tell You" by Jeff Knox. Assuming your home sells without any issue then you will need to start packing and moving. HomeZada's article "What You Need to Know About Moving" can help you get moved quickly and efficiently.