Behind The Scenes At Barkers Pet Supply

In a world full of corporations and big box companies it is always nice to come across a small town pet store with good old fashion morals that really care about the animals their owners that they supply to! Barker Pet Supply on the Russian River is a place where you can take your pets to enjoy a little pampering or simply make a quick stop on your way home to make sure that you get healthy food and treats for them. I got to take a little peek around and get the scoop on this friendly little shop. Take a look and let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

How it started...

The story begins with two extraordinary women Holly Stockon and Karen Young who have been friends for years and have worked hard creating a fun and loving atmosphere for their families. In the early 1980's both women made their way to the Russian River and made this their home. They were among the many who spend years visiting the river only to end up moving here to be among the redwoods along the river. Holly had once owned a pet supply store the "River Wolf" and had all the skills to operate a small business however she had come to a place in her life where spending time with her family had taken a precedence.

Barker Pet Supply Guerneville CA

One day Holly was out and about in town and ran into Karen who she hadn't seen in years. Among their natural banter, Karen mentioned that she wanted to start a pet supply store and would Holly be interested. Without hesitation, Holly said no and was on her way; but the seed had been planted and she began to think it might not be a bad idea. So it was that a short time later she called Karen up and they hatched their plan. Their homes became filled with pet supplies and soon were spilling over. On May 5, 2015, with the help of their friends, family and the community, the two opened Barkers Pet Supply.

"What inspires me about the Russian River is all of the people who care about it."~Holly Stockon

The Shop

Holly and Karen run the shop with kind hearts, honesty, and lots of laughter. They are the kind of women who care more about your pets and the community and helping people then they care about the money. They have a line of products for dogs and one for cats as well. They believe in paying it forward and really just treating their customers, both the bald and furry ones, with the same kindness they would want to be treated with.

"There is no point in getting up and going to a job every morning to a job that you hate! We get up every morning and we go to a job that we absolutely love. We can't wait to see who is going to walk through the door and who we get to fawn over because we are both animal lovers. I have held everything in here from baby raccoon's to ferrets." ~Holly Stockon

They carry products that they believe in, mostly made in the United States and their pet food is mostly grain free. They are honest about the benefits and precautions about certain treats or food because what works for one animal may not work for another. They are knowledgeable about their products and the ingredients and they will help pet owners to learn to read the labels to make sure that what is in the food is what is best for their animal. They also carry raw frozen treats which are really good for animals. In early fall they order coats and sweaters so that they will be available when the weather starts cooling off and they are there to help pet owners to keep their pets healthy to minimize vet bills.They really like it when the dogs and cats come in and welcome all furry family members in the shop.

Dog Baths At Barker Pet Supply

Scrub A Dub Dub

One of the things that Karen and Holly wanted to do was have a place where their customers could bring their animals and bathe them without the water flying all over the bathroom and having to clean fur out of the tub and all of the mess that comes with washing a dog or cat at home. They built the dog baths themselves and it is fully equipped with everything that your pet would need to get sparkly clean including three choices of shampoo, conditioner, ear wipes, dryer, towels and more! Customers get Frequent Fido cards so your dogs tenth bath is free. They cost only $12 and all you need to bring is your dog and you leave the mess behind.

"Our philosophy is have a good time, treat people right and give them affordable products."~Holly Stockon