Russian River local's Jason Winamaki and Michelle Graham are opening an organic, local, farm fresh smoothie shop here in Guerneville. Michelle specializes in Graphic Design and has done all of the artwork for our signs here at Millar and Company and Jason owns Clear View Tree Care company and is our go to guy when someone needs their trees trimmed or removed. This dynamic duo has teamed up for one of their best accomplishments yet! They have decided to open Blended Choice, an all natural, all organic juice shop here on the Russian River. Their belief is that if people here had a healthy alternative that had no GMO's, no chemicals, and was locally grown, they would chose that choice over anything else. Guerneville is known for its activities such as biking, fishing, swimming, and kayaking since we are located on the Russian River but it is also known for its need to be a hate free, loving community that protects its people and the environment. Michelle and Jason took that idea and ran with it! This shop will give people an opportunity to do the most loving thing for their body and the environment by consuming something that will keep them healthy, support local farmers, and keep them energized so they can get out on the Russian River and have some fun! Stay Tuned into this blog to catch more updates on when the shop will open and what exactly their menu will entail! #russianriver #guerneville #russianriverrealestate #russianriverliving #organic #activelife #clearview