Guerneville Lodge & Campground

Guerneville Lodge On The Russian River



Al Cooper, a soft spoken retiree here on the Russian River bought the Guerneville Lodge in 2008. His goal was to retire, hang out on the river and create a welcoming atmosphere for generations of locals.

"The lodge doesn't advertise...we don't need to...we are constantly turning away business because it is so popular." ~Al Cooper

Al's marketing is done the old fashion way...friends telling their friends what an amazing location this is! Word of Mouth has kept this lodge booked solid since 2008 and yet it remains one of the most sought after locations for camping and lodging on the Russian River.

Picnic Table at Guerneville Lodge


Dining Hall At Guerneville Lodge


Over the years Al has owned the Guerneville Lodge there have been more than 80 weddings held on the grounds, as well as family reunions, birthday parties, and other events. When an event is booked then that party rents the entire lodge. No other rooms will be booked out so reservations must be made in advance if you would like to get a spot.

Popular weekends such as Women's Weekend, Bear Weekend and Russian River Jazz and Blues are often off limits as far as booking events so you will need to check the Russian River Chamber's website to check your dates against the local events.

Front Deck Of The Guerneville Lodge


Guerneville Lodge

So if you are thinking about visiting the Russian River and are planning on staying at the lodge make sure to make reservations early and bring a swimsuit because the lodge sits right on the edge of the Russian River and the water is flowing.

"We are the best! We are the best for vacation with the redwoods and the wineries. We are just the best place in Sonoma County. I would tell visitors be safe in the River...someone drowns every year and we caution you to be safe as you enjoy your summer."~Al Cooper