Guerneville’s two annual bridges are constructed in June and remain erected until late September.  The bridges are built to raise the water level in the river for Guerneville water enthusiasts.  Kayaks, Canoes, and all modes of floatational devices are used to float around the easy moving waterway.  These can be rented locally, right on Johnson’s beach, or brought in.

 I remember several years ago jumping on a inner tube from a car tire and thinking I was going to  make my way down stream to the ocean.  Well after about four hours I had made it about a half mile because of the slowness of the current, undoubtedly due to the summer bridges, which is why they are installed. These bridges make it possible for water lovers of all types to enjoy the leisurely river.  If you want to make it the ocean you’ll just have to portage at the two dams.  Or better yet begin your journey after the dam at the “summer bridge”.

 Portaging is old method for adventurers to travel rivers with blockades by hauling the craft overland around the obstruction.  At Summer Beach, which is at the second of Guerneville’s two temporary dams, signs point the way out and back into the old river.  From there you can go ahead and try to make it the pacific, but you better bring some paddles as the current remains slow even after the barriers.

Guerneville’s beaches are wonderful in the late spring, summer and early fall when you can spread out a blanket open up a good book and relax to the sounds of summer. If you are looking for a home in the vacation beach area try contacting David R. Millar. During Winter months the river has a tendency to roar and it  is not recommended for swimming.  However steelhead fishing can be had in the winter but if you happen to hook one of the Chinook Salmon, on their way to spawn up stream, you’ll have to release it.  From Guerneville I say have a great summer on and off the river.