You Can Own Your Own Home In Cazadero.

To own a home on Austin Creek in Cazadero is a very special thing. Due to current building restrictions, it is very hard to build on the creek; supply for Cazadero riverfront homes is limited. The Cazadero area was logged around the turn of the century and ever since then, it has become a vacation destination for vacationers from San Francisco. If you are looking to want to dangle your toes in crystal clear water the Austin Creek is for you. Most homes in Cazadero are cabin style and cozy and full of "river charm" pine paneling and natural wood features are common. 

Highlights Of Owning A Home In Cazadero

If you are looking for peace and quiet or just a place just to be yourself. There are different areas such as Magic Mountain or Sunrise Mountain that you might just want to get your first piece of Cazadero Real Estate. There are also great schools such as Austin Creek Elementary located in Cazadero. For Cazadero Real Estate information call Millar and Company at 707-217-1786.