How To Choose The Right Listing Agent

How To Choose The Right Listing Agent

If you are thinking about selling your home you are going to want to make sure you are choosing the right listing agent. In order to do that you will need to look at why you need an agent when you are listing your home for sale, what the difference between a listing agent and a buyers agent is, which agent's to stay away from, and what to ask a potential real estate agent before you list your home with them. All of these questions will be answered for you in this article and in the links to other professional articles on this subject.

Why You Need A Listing Agent

Anyone who is thinking about listing their home will need to make the first of many decisions...will they hire a listing agent or will they sell it themselves. If the seller decides to list the home without an agent this is known as for sale by owner or FSBO. You are well within your rights as a homeowner to sell your home by yourself without an agent however, before you make a decision it would be wise to get some information on why a real estate agent is strongly suggested as an alternative. First of all you are going to want to think about your home's do you plan on marketing your home? Do you have resources available to you that will market your home effectively. If you hire a successful agent they have many channels they can use to market your home. Also accurately pricing your home is tricky business and done the wrong way can severely damage your chance of selling your home quickly and getting the best offers. Another thing to consider is the good are you at reading people? Do you know what to ask a buyer that is interested in buying your home? What about the transaction? Do you know what needs to be disclosed? A good listing agent would be doing all of this for you! Kyle Hiscock explains this perfectly in his article Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My House?

The Difference Between a Listing And Buyers Agent

A Listing Agent and a Buyer's Agent are very different. Their job descriptions are different and their day to day life is quite different. Some real estate agents can fit into both categories easily adapting a workload that balances the two but for many agents that try this they tend to excel more as one or the other. A good buyer's agent will work around the clock building connections with other agents and potential buyers and stay on the lookout for what homes best fit the buyer and who is listing that house at that time. They will be out of their office the majority of the time showing property and nurturing these connections. A listing agent is more likely to be marketing homes and setting up appointments to list new homes. This type of agent will have a much stronger marketing strategy and will be more effective in selling your home. The agents that specialize in both fields either do less business or have someone helping them such as an assistant. Anita Clark does an excellent job of breaking down buyer representation, and seller representation in her article Choosing the Right Realtor.

Questions To Ask An Agent Before You List Your Home

If you are choosing a listing agent you will need to ask some questions to make sure that your home is getting the best representation! Read my article Top 5 Things Sellers Should Consider, Barb Bottitta's article HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT, and  Dan Miller's article Interviewing Listing Agents? Here are Three Critical Questions to get lists of good questions you should be asking a listing agent before you allow them to list your home for sale. A great listing agent should be able to calmly answer each of the questions posed in these articles and if they can't answer them or get upset that you asked you should consider choosing a different agent.

Signs That You Should List With A Different Agent

Have you EVER bought anything more expensive than a house??? For the majority of people this will be the biggest transaction of their life! Don't list your home with an agent because they are a friend or a family member, ask all of the appropriate questions, and keep your eyes peeled for signs that your agent may not be doing you and your home justice. Take a look at Karen Highland's article Is Your Real Estate Agent A Trusted Adviser?Janis Borgueta's article SELLING YOUR HOME? WHERE IS YOUR REALTOR?and the Bad Real Estate Agents article by HouseHunt to learn what the signs are that you listed your home with the wrong agent.