If you are considering selling then here are some tips on how to market your home for sale on the Russian River. There are a number of steps that are important when you are marketing your home and quite a few ideas that you will need to consider. For instance, which agent will you choose and why not just sell your own home and skip using an agent altogether? Another good question to ask yourself is how is your agent going to market your home for sale on the Russian River? These are important questions that need answers. This article will help answer those questions for you and put you on the road to success as you continue your real estate journey.

Why Is A FSBO A Bad Idea?

If you know how to market your home for sale consider this? If it were that easy then why would you need a state license to be a real estate agent? Often times people think they can just put out a for sale sign and list their home on Craigslist and all of a sudden the offers are going to come pouring in! Unfortunately that is not how it works for the majority of homeowners. You will need to know how to get your home ready to sell, how to market your home for sale, and how to coordinate the transaction once you get into contract. The first one is perhaps the easiest because all you really have to do is take everything that is important to you and put it in storage, get rid of the clutter, get everything to sparkle with a good cleaning, make sure your landscaping is beautiful, and then do minor repairs and paint. However, the other two are the real problem. To know exactly how to market your home for sale on the Russian River in a way that will attract today's buyers you will need to be up to date on all of the latest technology, be a social media King or Queen, and know where to reach the most buyers in a few steps. The third one is the hardest. There are state and county required disclosures as well as commonly used disclosures for your area and you will need to make sure you have them all. Many of my clients often look surprised when I tell them they have to disclose something because there is so much people rarely consider as far as disclosures. A good agent will help you navigate through all of that to minimize your liability and maximize your results.

How To Choose The Best Agent To Sell Your Home On The Russian River

The best way to choose a Russian River real estate agent is by following this criteria. First you will want to check their online presence to make sure that they are active on the internet. Buyers are not interested in ads on Craigslist or open houses...they are looking online to find a home. They are looking at social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Your agent needs to be active on all of these sights so that they can get your home in front of those buyers. Second check out what they have sold in the last year. If the agent that you are considering using hasn't listed very many (or any) homes then perhaps you have chosen a buyer's agent and that will hurt you because a buyer's agent will lack the experience and knowledge needed to properly market your home. Another idea to consider is looking them up on Yelp to see what other people had to say about their experiences working with that agent. Also you will want to find a local Russian River real estate agent who has knowledge of the local market. If you have an agent from San Francisco trying to sell your home on the Russian River, how are they going to know that around here we have a different criteria for pricing homes, or what will need to be disclosed that is unique to the Russian River, or who is looking for a home on the Russian River. Riverfront homes are in high demand and more often then not an agent from the city will shy away from selling one because of the eminent danger of flooding and getting flood insurance and so on, but a local agent knows that riverfront homes are like gold around here and they will market it to those looking for a vacation spot. The last thing to consider is does your agent use video. Video marketing has shot straight to the top of the list of most viewed marketing in the United States. Your agent needs to be active in video marketing to make sure that your Russian River home for sale is getting the attention that it deserves.

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