Inspiring art galleries on the russian river

Inspirational Art Galleries On The Russian River

Here in West Sonoma County we have so many amazing art galleries that have some of the richest art I have ever seen. The passion and hard work that goes into every piece is absolutely inspiring and the artists are amazing in their quests to follow their dreams. To keep this article short I have chosen 7 of the most inspirational art galleries on the Russian River. I do however welcome comments if anyone would like to post in the comment section any other art gallery that you have found inspiring lately. I wanted to give you a break down of what each art gallery has to offer and a little bit about their artist.

#1 Kuhr-Norris Studio & Gallery In Guerneville CA

Kuhr Norris Studio & Gallery in Guerneville CA

This is one of my favorite art galleries on the Russian River because of the opposites attract theory. Where Katherine Norris utilizes paints with vibrant colors and shocking attention to detail, Suzy Kuhr chooses to see the world in black and white capturing the roots of photography and giving onlookers a different perspective. These two women have bound together to set up the art gallery that is located upstairs in a building on Main Street. Their art is displayed in such a way that it is almost like walking into two art galleries at once.

#2 Christopher Queen Galleries

Christopher Queen Galleries In Duncans Mills

This is another one of the inspiring art galleries on the Russian River because it features Early California and Contemporary art in an elegant fashion. The art gallery is owned by Nancy Ferreira and is located in Duncan's Mills behind Cape Fear Cafe. What makes this art gallery so special is the modern roots. The art is of a long ago time in which California was really starting to get Settlers and make a name for itself but the way the artists paint it is with a modern aire and a sense of small town charm. Even the displays are gorgeous with gilded picture frames and elaborately laid tables.

#3 Russian River Art Gallery In Guerneville CA 

Russian River Art Gallery

This gallery is "a cooperative of local artists in Guerneville, the heart of the Russian River." It is one of the more well known art galleries on the Russian River and has many local artists that all display their art there. Since this is a collection of artists, the art tends to vary widely in such a way that no matter what type of art appeals to the visitor they are sure to find it in this adorable local gallery. They also feature a Northern California artist in their show every two months and hold mini-receptions for each of their artists to talk about their work.

#4 Fine Pottery & Ceramic Art In Monte Rio, CA

Fine Pottery & Ceramic Art

Let's take a break from pictures and paintings for a minute and focus on an entirely different type of art...Pottery! James and Kathleen Fox are local artists that have their gallery in Monte Rio and online as well. This is one of the most unique art galleries on the Russian River because it focuses on crystalline glazes which, when done with their finesse, creates an elaborate ring structure that glistens in the light.

#5 Lifvendahl Fine Art In Guerneville, CA

This is one of the most colorful art galleries on the Russian River with Mark Lifvendahl the owner and artist painting with the bright oranges, yellows, and reds of a sunshine on a spring day, as well as the shades of blue and white that you would find at the ocean. Each painting is a direct representation of Mark as an artist and I think this gorgeous art is a great representation of how inspiring nature and life can be.

#6 Oli Gallery in Guerneville

Shirley Roberts Gallery

Oli Gallery is the newest edition to the Russian River art world. Oli features a wide range of artists with unique paintings & sculptures. Oli adds a visually bright and captivating flavor to Guerneville. 

#7 The Blue Door Gallery In Guerneville CA

Blue Door Gallery In Guerneville CA

This gallery features three talented artists: Douglas Devivo , Mary Livingston and Jesse Stimson. Each of them have their own view of art lending to a very inspirational collection of art. Everything from stitching to abstract and more! The art is set up in such a way that each artist has the space to fully show off their art and make it shine. I think this is one of the most awesome art galleries on the Russian River because when you walk in the door you get the warmest welcome full of small town charm that makes you feel special and wanting to stay and look around!