Welcome, Theresa Disbro! It Is An Honor To Have You On Our Russian River Team!

Millar and Company is proud to welcome Theresa Disbro to our Russian River team. It is an honor to have you here and we look forward to a bright future with you here on the Russian River. With Theresa working alongside us here at Millar and Company there is nothing that we can't do! She is here to help you find your home in paradise and show you what Russian River living is all about!

Meet Theresa Disbro Here On The Russian River!

Russian River Property For Sale

David R. Millar; Your Local Russian River Agent!

My name is David R. Millar and I own Millar and Company Real Estate located in Guerneville near the Russian River. I am excited to have Theresa Disbro on my team and I look forward to teaching her all there is to know about Russian River Living. I know so many people who find the house that they want to place an offer on but don’t have a local Guerneville agent that they can trust. I want people to know that Theresa and I are here to help! Our mission is to find you a home on the Russian River that you love while providing positive solutions in an optimistic atmosphere. We believe that we don’t just live on the river; we are part of the river! I am a local Guerneville agent that knows my community and can help you purchase a home that you will love. I promise to listen and make sure that I am showing you homes for sale in Guerneville that are in your price range and fit your individual needs. As a local agent, I will key you into the things that make property here different than in other places. I will make sure that you know where to find any outside professional that you will need to get a loan, get inspections done, or to get legal advice so that you feel as stress-free and relaxed as possible until we find you a home in paradise. I am here to find you the home that you have been searching for and to make sure that you are living the future that you always imagined for yourself! To learn more about Russian River Kayaking, Russian River Jazz Festival, Russian River Valley Wineries, and other Russian Russian River Getaways.