Juicy Pig Wall Decoration

OINK Oink oink...do I smell BBQ? Mmmm Yummy! It probably has to do with The Juicy Pig moving into town! That's right ladies and gentleman Bucks has been sold! The new kid on the block is The Juicy Pig and boy are they on a roll! The rich scent of delicious pork BBQ greets you before you even open the door...the staff work side by side in comfortable companionship...like family...and the chef himself offers a friendly smile to all who visit! But I bet your wondering "When did they move in???" Well, they actually have only been open for three days and there are four owners that all joined together to open this BBQ restaurant...Uh maybe I should start at the beginning!

Juicy Pig Dining Hall Guerneville Ca

As locals Julie and Christopher Aff and their friends Shawn Webber and Ruben Gomez saw the steady progression of restaurants popping up all over the Russian River and the demand for fresh local ingredients driving more and more tourists to this area, they decided to take a chance and purchase the building that used to be Bucks Rivermill Dinner Theater. Since the location is well known by locals and tourists, their chances of success were boosted significantly.

Art at Juicy Pig Russian River ca

In addition, their choice in menu items reflects graciously on the lifestyle here on the Russian River with everything from fresh local produce from small farms to Bodega fish! After years of fishing and hunting, Chris has developed a love for the River area and the community here. "We are doing barbecue food and smoked food but we are also making it so everything is from local gardens and farms...all of our vegetables...we source as much of our meat from Sonoma County as possible. All of our wines are from Sonoma County and the beers, we are trying to use Sonoma County liquor as well...and we are keeping everything at a price point that is accessible because what we want is for our place to be accessible so it's never a budgetary issue and they can come anytime they want," says Chris.

Russian River Soup at Juicy Pig

They will be open from 11am to 10pm everyday and the menu will be constantly growing and changing over time.

Of course, I couldn't leave without asking Chris what he thinks of when he hears Russian River Living and his answer was a description of the very thing that has kept people coming back here year after year, generation after generation.

"I just think of being on the River, fishing on the river, the redwood trees and everybody having a good time!"