A Glimpse At Living On The Russian River!

The Russian River is a resort town full of excited vacationers escaping the reality of their lives and for awhile they get to experience paradise. This isn't new! Since the onset of the logging industry in the 1800's this town has had a very lucrative Summer season. Russian River Real Estate has been a booming industry for decades. But there is another side of the Russian River, a side that is seldom looked at with any scrutiny. This side consists of the rich history of the area, the strength of the community, and the natural connection with the earth that develops within a person every minute that they spend here. This is the side I have gotten to experience over the years and it is the side that developed in me an unbreakable connection to my home and I love living on the Russian River.

The history of the area isn't as cut and dry as who built what and who did what, but who developed a legacy that lives on today. Claire Harris, the current owner of the notorious Johnson's beach here in Guerneville, attended school at what is now the Vets Hall over seventy years ago. Grant King owned a tackle shop on Main Street where famous fisherman have gathered throughout history, making history with the fish that they caught. King's still stands on Main Street in honor of Grant King living on the Russian River. George Guerne, the town's leading citizen in 1870, owned the Heald and Guerne lumber mill with a partner. The community as a whole was so impressed by this Swiss settler that they named the town after him! The Korbel Brothers owned a sawmill just outside of Rio Nido that was very well known. You would recognize it today as Korbel winery. Colonial Armstrong went against the advice of his peers buying acres of redwood trees that he refused to chop down for lumber. He preserved these acres into what is known today as Armstrong Woods State Park. The founding families in this town have left their legacy for us to build on and enjoy in the future we have living on the Russian River. The rich history of this town unites this community and rockets us into the future as we continue what those settlers started over two hundred years ago.

As long as I have been living on the Russian River the strength of this community has never ceased to amaze me. Our town was built near a river and whenever you have large bodies of water and a rainy season, you get floods! Floods happen here once in awhile and this community stands together through each and every one. During the winter months whether there is a flood or not the community opens a temporary shelter for the homeless that are usually camping on the Russian River so they can stay warm and dry. Community members bind together volunteering to cook and serve hot meals at the shelter so that those who are hungry will get fed. The community organizes creek and river clean-up days where they go and collect the garbage that has accumulated keeping our home looking magnificent.

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The Sister's hold bingo every month and donate the proceeds to a local charity and the River to Coast Children's Center protects and cares for our children. This community binds together to help anyone in need whenever possible. The strength I draw from this community is indescribable. I love selling Russian River real estate in a place where living on the Russian River is just another way of saying I am a part of this community.

The natural connection that one gets from visiting the Russian River is tangible. It is the reason that people find themselves vacationing here year after year. It is that hot summer sun on your face as you float down the Russian River on a kayak and all you hear is the sound of the wind and the birds chattering in the treetops. It is that moment when you are walking through Armstrong Woods and the sun peeks through the canopy onto the faerie rings and you spot a mother Fox teaching her family how to hunt. It is the cool breeze of salty air as you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean at Shell beach listening to the seagulls say hello to the moon hanging on the horizon. It is watching the blue heron return year after year to claim the river as his hunting ground for the summer season. Listening to the powerful beat of his wings as he soars overhead and watching the deer come out to graze at dusk. These are the things that make living on the Russian River such an amazing experience to me.

These are the reason's that I love living on the Russian River. This is why I am bound to this place and this community. There is no place else I would rather live than right here in this amazing place surrounded by wonderful people and soaking up all that nature provides.

I am a local Russian River Agent and I have been living on the Russian River for years. I am a huge part of this community and I have a passion for the River area. The best part of selling Russian River Real Estate is that I get to share my home with my clients and that is a gift that is truly priceless. If you have visited here and fallen in love with the area yourself and are thinking about buying a home here, call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 and let me find you a home in paradise!

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