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I have lived and worked on the Russian River for some time now and I have discovered that there are really only two ways of seeing the Russian River area. Back in the day the Pomo Indians referred to Guerneville as Ceola which means the dark place. They viewed the Russian River area as being haunted due to the shadows cast by the thick cover of the trees. Many people today see the floods and water damage and the dark cold nights in the canyons on the Russian River. These things are all part of living on the Russian River, however that's not all there is to living here!


The other way to see the area is to look at the thousand year old redwoods that stretch high into the sky, the beautiful Russian River as the current carries otters and seals in from the ocean, and the powerful Pacific Ocean as the peaceful waves chase seashells up onto the shore. This is the way I choose to see this area. I chose to look out at the mountains of Cazadero dotted with majestic redwoods and graced with a sweet the incredibly peaceful Austin Creek and see the true beauty of this area!

Encompassing these two viewpoints you will get a better idea of what life on the Russian River is all about. But that is not all...some things are not seen but felt! We have a very close knit and loving community here on the Russian River. We are known here on the Russian River as a "Hate Free Community." In other words we don't care if you are gay, straight, white, black, democrat, or republican...if you are ready to leave your judgement at the door then you will be accepted with open arms and loving hearts. If you have ever lived in a small town then you know that everyone knows everyone. That is how this town operates. New people are sought out and welcomed and quickly become part of our Russian River community.

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There are some more quirky parts of living on the Russian River as well. We have Tony, the street sweeper who keeps the streets clean and works solely on tips! He used to be homeless and the small businesses began tipping him when he would clean their windows and pick up the garbage on the sidewalk. He quickly became one of the town's greatest assets and a part of our Russian River home. We also have the Mermaids. These are a bunch of people that dress up like mermaids and do water shows as well as other community service on the Russian River in order to raise money to help save the ocean wildlife and provide clean water sources for the community. Another good example of our quirky community are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which we simply call the sisters. They hold large bingo games and dress up in all sorts of glamour to raise money to support local charities. They are part of what holds this Russian River community together. Although from the outside these people all seem a bit strange, in truth they have the support of the community due to their big hearts and selfless personalities!

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Many times I will be driving to work looking out over the redwoods as the peak out of the fog and reflect on the Russian River and I think to myself "Wow I really live in Paradise!" This is my home.I specialize in Vacation Rentals and Riverfront homes for sale. I love Russian River Kayaking in my free time to keep my mind calm and my spirit centered. My hope is that I can help other people discover the joy of living on the Russian River the way that I did and that I can help them to invest in the market by lending my expertise as a local Russian River agent. If you have been thinking about buying a home on the Russian River then pick up the phone and call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 and start living the dream on the Russian River!