My name is David R. Millar and I am your local Russian River Agent. I have been selling Russian River Real Estate for years and if there is anything that I have learned in that time it is that if I want to sell homes I need to take a look at why anyone would want to buy a home in this area. There are stunning homes for sale on the Russian River, however, the reason that most people move to the Russian River is because of the majestic redwoods, the peaceful serenity of the river, and the strength and acceptance that are found in this community. In order to have a smooth escrow and purchase your home without a hitch, you need a lender that you can trust who is going to do whatever they can to get you a loan.

Russian River Real Estate

I have known Patrick Pennington for years and he has helped countless people invest in Russian River Real Estate. I depend on him to make sure that my clients get their loan and get to the closing table with as little stress as possible.

How Patrick Will Help You Get A Loan To Invest In Russian River Real Estate.

Patrick Pennington has developed a plan to help clients obtain a loan so that they can invest in Russian River Real Estate with as little stress as possible. Typically people who are looking at homes for sale on the Russian River either don't have a lender or have an out of town lender who knows very little about this area. Those who have lenders that are not local have a hard time getting loans here because the lender will need an appraiser to appraise the home and typically those appraisers are also not local. Appraisers that are not local will often price the Home for sale on the Russian River lower because it has trees close to the home, because it is in a flood zone, or because it has a post and pier foundation. Local appraisers know that the majestic redwoods lend to the privacy and seclusion that many people are looking for when they come to this area and that actually adds value to the home. They know that homes that are closer to the river or Riverfront homes are actually in high demand and also add to the value of the home. A local lender knows that it is common to have a post and pier foundation here on the river and therefore will not reduce the value of a home based on these conditions. The appraisal of the home for sale on the Russian River is very important because it will dictate whether or not the bank is willing to lend on it.

David R. Millar Your Local Russian River Lender

Your Local Russian River Agent

I am a local Russian River agent and I have had the experiences here both with local lenders and with people who were not local and I have learned that whenever possible it is always better to use a local lender when investing in Russian River Real Estate. If you have been thinking about buying or selling a home on the Russian River call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786 Today . I specialize in Russian Riverfront homes for sale and Russian River Rental homes for sale.