Katniss Everdeen
Anyone who is interested in Real Estate and has seen the popular Hunger Games movies, based on Suzanne Collin’s Trilogy, will be able to relate to the famous line “May the odds be ever in your favor” as it applies to real estate.


Shooting Offers On Real Estate For Sale

There is a scene in the first movie where the heroine Katniss Everdeen, a teenage survivalist living in a post apocalyptic world, is running through the forest and she falls and rolls down a hill; scratched up and bleeding she rises and bolts forward again into the unknown. Buyers today are facing the same confrontation as they embark on their journey to buy a home. When the buyer calls their agent to place an offer on the property they want, it is much like Katniss shooting her arrows hoping to strike her target. For many buyers the home has already gone into escrow and they have lost their chance. These buyers must continue to get up and bolt forward if they are to strike in the right place and time to purchase the home they have always dreamed about!

Choosing A Local Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

www.soulation.orgKatniss is forced to rely on her intuition to determine who to trust, just as clients today have to sift through the never ending bombardment of sales speak to get to the truth. There is so much information being given to buyers on a daily basis but it is hard for them to know what is real. Just like the districts who watched the contestants in the arena, they are trying to decide what is real and what is being fed to them by the game makers and President Snow to get them to do what he wants. Buyers are searching for a local real estate agent that they can trust, however there are a few agents who ignore their clients and act only for a paycheck, not giving their clients what they need. As Cinna advises Katniss in the movie we, as agents, must advise buyers to make decisions that are in their best interest.

Giving Buyer's The Support They Need In The Real Estate Arena

As buyers place their offers and wait to see if theirs is the one that will get chosen, I suspect they feel a great deal of suspense. There are a million questions that must run through their minds. Will my offer be accepted? Who will be involved in this real estate transaction? Who should I get to inspect my home? And so on and so forth…This reminds me of a scene in the movie where Katniss takes her sister’s place at the reaping to insure her safety. The millions of questions that must have run through her mind and yet she survived being in the arena not once, but twice! We can assist first time home buyers and those buying a second home or investment property by making sure that their questions get answered…that they are getting the support they need in the arena of real estate.

Having A Neutral Third Party To Keep The Games Fair

In today’s real estate market the one entity that you can count on is Effie Trinket, otherwise known as the Title Company, who neither advocates for the buyer or the seller but is employed by both. MockingJay SymbolIn the Mocking Jay part one Effie is loyal to both President Snow and Peeta and Katniss. Title is an entity like that…they do not take sides they are simply there to make sure that everything is done in accordance with the written consent of both parties. They act as a sort of Switzerland in the transaction.

Surviving The Real Estate Arena

I think the most important parallel between the Hunger Games and the real estate world is that no matter how many obstacles are put in Katniss’s path she continues to do the right thing and overcome them. It is the same with today’s buyers; with the right assistance in the arena they continue to place offers and overcome obstacles until they are on record as the proud owner of a new home.
I am curious to see what will become of Katniss in the Mocking Jay part two this weekend, but I am even more curious to know when I will be in the arena again with my next client. To all of those out there looking to invest in real estate…may the odds be ever in your favor!