I recently met Stace Jardine and Karen Lawson who own Russian River Escapes property management company here in Guerneville and talked to them about their business and what exactly they do. Stace warmly replied "Homeowners hire us to take care of their property. Anything from decorating to yard work. We do it all! We market and get them renters. We do it year round. We have houses here and in Dillon Beach. Two really different environments but cross-pollinating the areas has been fantastic because if we run out of houses here people will happily go to the beach and visa versa. That's what we do we try to find people the perfect vacation rental." Russian River Escapes is a very well known business in town and I was thrilled when they told me just how they ended up here. Stace recounted "We've been in the Russian River area about two years now. We were invited by a couple of the real estate companies in town. They wanted to work with something different than they had been working with, so they asked us and it was very humbling and very sweet.We really don't have any interest in being the biggest; we just want to be the best!"

I asked them what types of homes they are looking for and she said "I have turned down more houses than I have picked up. I am looking for sort of a unique house. We are looking for quality, not quantity; something unique and clean...When you go into it like 'I am supplying something that people will love' it's different than 'I want to make a bunch of money'."

I really got where they were coming from on that one and having had my curiosity piqued I asked them what they thought of the Guerneville area and Stace mused

"the Russian River is a unique area. It's kind of bohemian...almost the back door to Santa Cruz. It's artsy...people are looking outside of the box...outside of normal. They want to be surrounded by beauty, usually green, often organic....so it's a different vibe than in Santa Rosa or the city. We just love it!" She went on to say that "It's hippie meets gay, meets straight, meets green, ...I mean its everything up here but it's off the beaten path. No houses are the same. You're not going to find a track house up here...just it's uniqueness...it's completely different from anywhere else. The river is close, the ocean is close, Armstrong Wood is close. I can't believe where we live sometimes." I totally agreed with them. The Russian River is an absolutely breathtaking place. If you want to live here call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786 today!