Downtown Guerneville has an eclectic mix of shopping experiences for just about everyone.  Many stores  cater to folks who are picking items up for the day, like beverages and snacks.  Many inner tubes and inexpensive flotational devices are purchased and enjoyed in the summer sun on the Russian River.  I recently took a walk around town, taking pictures and introducing myself to various shop keepers and found them to be a very friendly lot.  The shopping experience can go from exquisite art pieces at "LIFVENDAHL"  art studio to second-hand clothing just off main street at "Mill street Thrift".

New to Downtown Guerneville is free Wifi.  Some businesses were already offering this amenity and now it is available throughout all of Downtown Guerneville.  The free WiFi starts at the Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, which is adjacent to the Plaza on the east end of town, all the way to and including the Ferngrove Cottages on the west end of town.  This Free WiFi is available 24/7 and allows Sun Bathers on Johnson's Beach to update their social networks or figure out where they will have dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Downtown Guerneville offer a large variety of meals.  From the simple summer burger at Johnson's Beach to extraordinary dishes you'll find at Applewood Inn, Boon Eat + Drink and Chef Patrick's just to name a few.  If you are up for a short drive, check out "Rivers End" in Jenner where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean, one of my favorites.

As I found out on my walk the other day, the merchants in downtown Guerneville love what they do and are not in a rush to sell you things.  Most love to talk about the goings on in town, like the new WiFi system and the history of the town.  For instance  I found out that the Big Bottom market is not what I thought but rather "the big bottom" is one of the old names of this area.  If you are looking for a weekend rental, second home or a nice house to call home, give us a call at (707) 217-1786.