Northwood Golf Course.

Built in 1928 by the famed golf course architect Alister MacKenzie, Northwood Golf Course is our Diamond in the Ruff.  MacKenzie was introduced to the area by another famed golf course architect Jack Neville who designed Pebble Beach course and club house.  In 28' the members of the local Bohemian Club desired an additional respite from their working lives and as we know Golf was and is The gentlemen s game.  The course came out  a masterpiece and is well respected through the golfing world. In addition to golf at the Northwood Golf course there are several other leisurely actives to be found.

The Northwood restaurant where the burgers are to die for and the atmosphere friendly, laid back  is just a sand wedge away from the finishing hole and makes  the exercise you just accomplished well worth it.  There is a view of the first hole so you  can critique the palyers golf skills.  Next to the restaurant is just a super splendid garden where weddings receptions and other events are hosted.  From here there is an exception view of the majestic redwood trees as they line the 9th fairway.

Another one of MacKenzie's designes is Pasatiempo, built sometime in the twenties near Santa Cruz, where one day Ben Hogan and Mackenzie were playing golf. Hogan, the most famous golfer of all time, was looking for an architect to design a course  in Augusta Georgia. Apparently he like the cut of MacKenzie's jib and assigned him the task.   Augusta National is now  the most famous course in America, perhaps the world.

Northwood Golf Course is lined with beautiful homes, many built back in the day. A few have nets up to protect them from the errant tee shot.  The homes on the back side are really lovely and have easy river access.  If you are interested in real estate on the course click on this link for good information, David R. Millar.

The idea of having an Alister MacKenzie designed golf course right in our back yard is amazing and Northwood golf course is just that.  Be sure to bring your patience when you tee it up here at Northwood golf course as it is a tough test.  The slim fairways are  predominately lined with towering redwood trees and the thud of ball on tree can be heard constantly.  See you there.