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I went over to Fern Grove Cottages recently to talk to the Innkeeper Annie Boutelle to find out more about the historical cottages and what they have to offer people visiting the Russian River. What she revealed to me was absolutely stunning! To begin this story I would first like to pay tribute to Fern Grove Cottages for having an Innkeeper! This seems to be a dying breed as many of the Hotels, Inns, and Bed and Breakfasts have switched to using managers and staff. Fern Grove is unique in that everything about the place screams of the old ways. They have Annie, a devoted Innkeeper, who spends her days compiling binders full of information on specific things people would like to do, see, or eat at while they are visiting the Russian River. Russian River area is invaluable to anyone visiting the Russian River!

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Her binders include local events, bird watching, hiking, biking, Regional parks, nightlife (theater, art, etc), relaxation (meditation, yoga, spas, etc), wine tours, history of the area, and so much more! She answers the phone, chats with visitors, and coordinates everything while maintaining a cheerful, positive attitude that keeps people coming back year after year. Annie has been the Innkeeper at Fern Grove for four years and previously worked at the R3! She is a local and is a certified tour guide.

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The next thing I noticed was the impeccably kept gardens and flowerbeds that surround Fern Grove Cottages and create a magical setting for the people staying there! There is a community garden area with BBQ pits and fresh produce that is shared with the people who are guests of Fern Grove. Mario has been the gardener there for 20 years and has created an absolutely stunning landscape that is enjoyed by the guests year round here on the Russian River.Fern Grove Is pet-friendly and is welcoming to children of all ages as well. Their Lounge is decorated with stunning art, books for avid readers, and board games for children.

They have a beautiful fireplace for the cooler evenings and a large dining area where they serve breakfast. This was another thing that made Fern Grove Cottages so amazing, they are not just an Inn! In fact, they are a Bed and Breakfast! Famous for their homemade scones and granola, Fern Grove provides breakfast at no additional cost to its visiting guests every morning in the lounge!

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An unnamed artist had visited a few years ago and had taken pictures of the stunning gardens. She then returned home and painted pictures using the photographs as her inspiration. These paintings of Fern Grove were then printed and the prints are available for sale in the lounge at Fern Grove not only accenting the beauty of the gardens but also carrying on the  Russian River tradition of promoting local art!

The history of the place is interesting as well. Fern Grove was originally built in the 1920's and many of the regulars have continued to come back for generations! There is what used to be an old outhouse that stands in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by beautiful flowers. Since the onset of modern day plumbing the outhouse has been converted into a garden shed, however the history of what once was continues to delight guests time and time again!

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Mermaids On The Russian River

Have you ever seen a real mermaid? If your answer was no then it is time to book an appointment to visit Fern Grove Cottages in Guerneville. The Mermaids are a local group that does fundraising to help change the aquatic problems in the area. They focus on saving endangered ocean animals, help to create clean water sources, and protect water-based plants to survive. Fern Grove is the only place in town that offers a heated saltwater pool that the mermaids need for their practice and it is not uncommon for visitors to head out to the pool only to discover mermaids swimming around or sunbathing nearby!

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Fern Grove Cottages consists of 21 cottages that are subdivided into three categories. The first is one-room studio cottages that are perfect for a single person or a couple. The second is one bedroom cottages that also have a living room and a small kitchenette and the third is the two-bedroom cottages that also have their own living room and contain full functioning kitchens as well. What I found most interesting about these cottages was that they were all themed! There was a cowboy theme, a butterfly theme, and a bird theme in the cottages I got a peek at! Also, many of the cottages offer jetted spa tubs and fireplaces to create a completely relaxing atmosphere for visitors!

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As a local Russian River agent in Guerneville it is vital that I have a working knowledge of what is in the area and what services they provide so that when a visiting client asks where the best place to stay in town is, or what the best restaurant in town is, I have places that I can recommend to them and know that they will get the best possible service. Fern Grove Cottages is a place that I would recommend to anyone visiting the Russian River. They are welcoming and take the time and care to making sure that their guests are happy and well taken care of! If you are visiting the Russian River, call Innkeeper Annie at 707-869-8150 or visit and make a reservation today!

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Russian River Real Estate is not about houses its about investing in a lifestyle that you adore!