The Russian River has been know as one of the best vacation spots in Northern California for decades! In the recent years however this idea has taken off, causing many of those vacationers to leave their city life and move out here to open shops and restaurants, creating a charming place for those who choose to vacation here. However, it's not just the shops and restaurants that draw people to our area. The natural beauty such as the Russian River, Armstrong Woods, the Pacific Ocean, not to mention the lush vineyards and tranquil creeks, makes tourists feel the pull all the way from the city, but that's not what I am getting at either! What I am referring to is the community events that draw people from everywhere to join us for the day...the weekend...and sometimes the whole summer! Virtually every weekend there is an event going on here on the Russian River. Some of the well known events are Women's Weekend, Bear Weekend, Russian River Jazz and Blues and the Vineman Triathlon, however those are not the only events that happen here on the river. This weekend and next Thursday we have two major events taking place here and I wanted to make sure you knew about them so you wouldn't miss them!

Civil War Days

cannon July 16th and 17th is a show of living history! Join us at Casini Ranch and watch as Duncan's Mills becomes the fields of Virginia circa 1863. Eager young men and women will gather to re-enact battles that took place in the Civil War while spectators stand by and catch a sneak peak at what life was like in that place and time. Visitors will get to see the camps of the Union and Confederacy, how civilians lived and served with the armies of 1863, and get a better understanding of the events that have been taken from the history books and brought to life! warhorsesignBattle times are Saturday 1pm to 4pm and Sunday 11am to 2pm. Admission for adults is only $12 and juniors ages 6-12 is only $6; if your child is 5 years old or younger their admission is free. This is a great time to gather your own troops and head on out for a fun filled and educational day in one of the most beautiful places in California!eye Now I know you didn't ask but let me tell you about the horses...The horses used in the re-enactment are actually horses that have either been hurt or retired from racing and were rescued. The horses are rescued and brought to live out the rest of their days on a gorgeous 40 acre ranch known as Camp Warhorse. They are retrained for the re-enactment and supported by  the CHAS's "Sponsor A Rescued Horse" program in which spectators are welcome to sponsor one of the warhorses in support of their new found talent. This weekend is shaping up to be one of the most exciting weekends on the Russian River this year so I hope to see you all out there in Duncan's Mills for another wonderful day in Sonoma County!

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Monte Rio Variety Show

briannovaOne of the most popular events on the Russian River takes place in Monte Rio in the summer at the Monte Rio Amphitheater where locals and tourists alike gather together for an amazing night of music, comedy, and fun. Next Thursday, July 28th, will be the 105th annual Monte Rio Variety Show which will be held at the Monte Rio Amphitheater. The event will begin at 7 pm and admission for adults is $25, children 13-17 years old is $10. If your child is 12 years or younger they get in free and all proceeds raise funds for local charities. clintblackIf you find yourself in town before then the Monte Rio Fire Service Foundation will be hosting a BBQ at 4:30pm and all proceeds will go to support the local community including Monte Rio School Foundation. The menu will include a chicken or rib dinner, or veggie burgers for those who choose not to eat meat, as well as hot dogs, baked goods, and of course wine from the local vineyards here in wine country. The event is known for being a community event that has local community members that sell tickets and refreshments and for featuring artists that are already stars on stage or on the big screen. On the sandy shores of the Russian River the local community joins with these stars to carry on this tradition with Country music, Jazz, Rock, and Classical that has lasted for 104 years! The gates will open for chair set up at 7am so come early and experience the local charm of the Russian River Community!