The Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival is coming up September 21 & 22 and is sure to be one of the best ever!  Since 2011 the Russian River Blues festivale has been combined with the Russian River Jazz Festivale to make for a wild weekend!  BB King and Buddy Guy were the headliners for Sunday's Blues portion of the event.  Kenny Babyface Edmonds, Norman Brown and Richard Elliot graced the Saturday stage back in 2011.  When asked which edition of the event we are about to experience it will depend on who you ask, a jazz fan or a blues  person. I am going to call it the 37th annual Russian River Jazz and Blues festival because that is the opinion of the official web-site which has been newly updated with interactivity abilities, check it out.

I remember going to my first Russian River Jazz or was it Blues Festival sometime in the mid-nineties.  Maybe I don't remember so well after all but I' m thinking it must have been the Jazz Festival because I might have been a bit of a music snob at the time.  Then again a lot of my friends were there so it may very well have been the Blues Festival...anyway I remember my Girl friend, at the time, took her clothes off and went swimming in her underwear.  When she came back to our little group of people a few of the guys seemed very disappointed not to have had the chance to view this feat of unabashed risque-ness, as she was indeed a good looking girl if I say so myself.  After all a large reason folks go to the Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival or any similar event, is to see all the people there, people watch so to speak, isn't it?

This Years Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival has a fantastic line-up  for me, cause I am an old Boz Scaggs  fan from way back.  I used to regularly go see him at New Years Eve concerts in the east bay and the Robert Cray Band has such a unique/smooth sound for the blues. On Saturday you can see the great Jeffrey Osborne whose darkly seductive voice will bring joy to your ears and Gregory Porter who is coming out with a new album named "liquid Spirit"  and of cousre Ledisi (Ledisi Anibade Young) eight time Grammy nominated vocalist. You can purchase your tickets ahead of time at this site right here!   Have Fun!!!!!