The Russian River Lifestyle

Do you live in the city? When you look out your window what do you see? Is there traffic with horns blazing and long red lights? Do you spend your work days rushing around because time is money? When was the last time you saw the sun sinking down over lush vineyards or took the time to float along in a kayak and listen to the birds singing in the treetops? Living on the Russian River is about adopting a different kind of lifestyle. We offer the opportunity for you to slow down and reconnect with nature, whether you are coming for a visit or plan on staying here to become a local. Once you land in the Russian River area you are on River Time!


Austin Creek Reflections


 Imagine Yourself Here

Take a moment and imagine sitting in a lawn chair staring out at the Russian River as the blue heron takes flight and the salmon swim upstream. Imagine swimming in Austin Creek and gazing down at the colorful rocks through the crystal clear water. See yourself hunting starfish in the tide pools in Jenner or sipping champagne at Korbel on a sunny afternoon. This is the lifestyle that we have here on the river...this is what truly living feels like.


Fort Ross Road To Jenner

Russian River near Duncan's Mills

 Experience The Difference

There are a number of different activities here on the Russian River including kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, relaxing and swimming. If you look out your window and do not fully enjoy what you see and hear then maybe it is time for you to experience the Russian River lifestyle. Call/Text 707-217-1786 Today!

Jenner California