Russian River Living Includes Visiting Shakedown Street!

Coco Johnson moved to Guerneville from Detroit three years ago and immediately opened her own little shop. Shakedown Street has what we like to call "River Charm!" It is primarily made up of local, hand made items and has a very green, peaceful feel to it! This is the basic idea of River Charm to be local, sort of organic feeling, homemade, and environmentally friendly. Shakedown Street has embodied River Charm choosing to have a very diverse selection of items, mostly hand made and a store that creates a sense of peace upon entering!

Coco met me with a smile and was very helpful. She told me that although she has only owned Shakedown Street for three years she has actually been a seamstress for over nine years and has developed the skills to turn her visions of beautiful clothing and curtains into a reality! She said that the most unique thing about their shop was the custom quality that she gives to each item. If you go into the store and really like something but they don't have it in your favorite color or your personal size they will customize it for you! She makes curtains as well and is proud to be able to work with Bonnie over at Bonnie Sew-Good!

Her Collection was very diverse ranging from crystals and feathered jewelry to clothing and curtains for your home. She has home made guitar and drum covers and feathered hat pins. Her collection although varied all carries a fun, locally made feeling in every piece that weaves them together and makes them fit in harmony at Shakedown Street.

Coco lives in Monte Rio where she can experience the calm tranquility of the area. She says that her favorite place to be is on the Russian River. When I asked her what she thought of when she heard Russian River Living her response was quick and to the point. Without missing a beat she said "this place is awesome!" This was not surprising. Many of the locals have a passion for the Russian River and there seems to always be a general consensus that this place is one of the most amazing places to visit and to live in.

Coco has no plans to expand her shop at this time, however, she is thinking about making it more custom and cutting down on the stock that is retail so that she can focus more on the local art and custom designed items that she really wants to fill the store with. She is thinking about reorganizing to create more space and has plans to remain open for business for years to come.

David R. Millar Your Local Russian River Real Estate Agent

David is a local Russian River Real Estate agent here in Guerneville who has invested his heart in Russian River Real Estate. David knows that you can buy a home anywhere from anyone. So here at Millar and Company we have carefully designed our business to tell you why you would want to buy a home here. Russian River Living is one of the most tranquil and serene living environments that you will ever find. He specializes in Riverfront homes for sale. If you have been thinking about buying a second home full of peace and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city call David R. Millar at 707-217-1786.