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Frequently Asked Questions About Russian River Real Estate

As a local Russian River Real Estate agent here in Guerneville I get lots of questions from people who are about to list their home. One of the most common questions is what is my home worth? I decided to write a short blog that outlines the most important things in determining the value of a home on the Russian River!
This question is very difficult to answer in terms of Russian River real estate because each home is very different and unique and prices are not determined by square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. On the Russian River, there are four things that add to the appeal of a home. The first one is does it have river access or is it riverfront? This is important since most of the area is made up of vacation rentals and second homes and buyers want to know if they buy a summer home are they going to be able to hang out on the beach.

Also, riverfront homes on the Russian River are in such high demand and there are so few on the market that the value of a riverfront home is much higher than one with river access that is not riverfront.

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The second question to ask yourself is does it have privacy?

People who are buying second homes are looking for privacy. They want to be close to town but secluded enough that they can soak up the peace and tranquility of the forest.

The third question is does your home have charm?

Every house on the Russian River is unique and different in its own way; however, there is a certain amount of charm that people are looking for when they go to buy a home. They want something that is special and different.
The fourth question is does it have a view?

This is important because a great view is reason enough to invest in Russian River real estate. If your home has an awesome view of the Russian River then the value of your home is increased and buyers are more likely to want to see it. The last and final question is probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself! Does my home get sun? This is a common question among people looking to invest in Russian River real estate because sun allows them to have a garden if they want, or to have flowerbeds, or even just to sunbathe on the porch.

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