Unique russian river small businesses

Anyone who is visiting the Russian River Community is looking for something special here that they can't find anywhere else. Local Guernevillians know that the small unique businesses are what sets us apart from other resort towns. Each of these 7 businesses is local and unique in some way and each one is privately owned here on the Russian River.

Guerneville 5 and 10

#1 Guerneville 5&10

There are not many classic 5&10 shops left in the USA but we happen to have one right here on the Russian River. This shop is owned by a local Guernevillian named Robin who has stocked the shelves with cute little toys, yarn, greeting cards, and more! She knows most of the locals by name and welcomes everyone who enters her shop with a smile and a warm greeting. This is one of the most unique Russian River small businesses in Guerneville.

Food For Humans

#2 Food For Humans

Another one of the unique Russian River small businesses is Food For Humans which is a local health food store that offers a selection of local organic, GMO-free products. They also carry dairy free and glutton free products. This shop is also owned by a local Guernevillian that has an eye for detail and appreciates good tasting foods. This shop is most unique because it is one of a kind...there is no other shop exactly like it anywhere in the world!

Higher Ground Coffee

#3 Higher Ground Coffee

Higher ground is one of the most unique Russian River small businesses because it doubles as a gathering spot for the locals. This shop is like the Cheers of Guerneville...it's a place where everybody knows your name and the organic espresso is delicious! The shop owner Emily is a local resident who specializes in bodywork such as Reiki and has a developed palate. She puts healing and love into every cup of coffee she brews!

Shakedown Street

#4 Shakedown Street

Shakedown Street is a local shop that features handmade merchandise. It is unique in that the woman who owns it is a seamstress and a good portion of the merchandise are items that she has made herself by hand! This shop is great for special gifts for people and for specially tailored merchandise as well.

Blended Choice Guerneville

#5 Blended Choice

Blended Choice is another one of the unique Russian River small businesses because it features a healthier choice of food. It is owned by a local Guernevillan named Jason and it offers green smoothies. Essentially it is a daily dose of fruits and veggies in a yummy smoothie that you can't get anywhere else in West Sonoma County.

Center For Sacred Studies

#6 Center For Sacred Studies

Although the Center for Sacred Studies is not really a business per say it does have special items available for purchase and the profits go to specific causes. Each item sold has a portion of the proceeds sent to help a child in Africa, or an animal in Chile, or whatever the cause is. Valerie, a local Guernevillian owns the shop and is always there to lend a helping hand in choosing the perfect gift for someone, while helping you support a good cause!

Guerneville Bank Club

#7 Guerneville Bank Club

The Guerneville Bank Club is owned by a local here on the Russian River that bought the old bank building and turned it into a pie and ice cream shop featuring unique flavors of homemade ice cream. This shop has quickly become one of the most unique and fun places hang out!