Russian River Vacation Rental

Bring Your Russian River Vacation Rental To Life

If you own a Russian River Vacation Rental then chances are you make a pretty good profit during the summer months. What if I told you that even though you have a successful Russian River vacation rental you can still kick it up a notch and make it the best vacation rental on the Russian River! I have compiled a list of things that you can do to take your vacation rental from ordinary to extraordinary!

When you buy a home that you plan to rent out a good starting point is to clean it thoroughly. I don't just mean vacuuming the floors or cleaning the windows either...I mean a deep clean! Take out the power washer and hose it off from the roof to the walkway/stairs. This is important because leaves and spiderwebs and all sorts of natural clutter and dust will cover your home quickly making it feel dirty before anyone actually makes in indoors. Make sure that there aren't a bunch of knick-knacks lying around that can get broken or will be in the way. Make sure that all of the wood is polished and the counters are clear giving your home an open airy feeling that is welcoming. Also, add a fresh coat of paint that has color. Plain white is great when you are selling a home, but when you have a vacation rental you are creating a dream space for people so that they will want to come back year after year and people don't dream of their vacation spot in black and white, they dream in color.

Another good idea is to pick a theme and stick to it! If you decided that the Russian River is your theme then add blue and green rugs to the home. Make sure the curtains match the rugs and the bedding matches the curtains. Hang photos of the Russian River, people kayaking, river quotations, and anything else river related. But if you chose to do a river theme then don't put cowboy sheets on the bed and ocean shells in the bathroom! Mixing themes is chaotic creating an atmosphere of chaos and unease in a place that you want people to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Put your lights on a dimmer switch! This is a small touch that makes a big difference. When your vacationers are reading or playing games they will need more light than when they are watching a movie or having dinner. Having a dimmer switch allows them to control how much light they need making them more comfortable and saving electricity at the same time.

The average vacationer on the Russian River will spend a third of their time on the river and a third of their time in bed. That being said keep water toys, kayaks, floaties, etc for your visitors to use while they are out on the river. Also, make sure you invest in fairly firm mattresses that have memory foam or down covers that can be removed and washed. The reason for this is because the firmer mattresses will last longer and the covers are easier to replace. In addition, the softness of the covers will give your visitors the comfort they are looking for. Provide a variety of different kinds of pillows. This is great for all ages, adults will be able to pick the most comfortable pillows for them and the children will have a blast participating in late night pillow fights!

David R. Millar Your Local  River Agent
These small additions to your home will make it memorable to visitors keeping them coming back year after year. Russian River Vacation Rentals are a huge portion of the real estate market here on the Russian River California. I am a local Russian River agent who specializes in Riverfront homes for sale. If you have been thinking about investing in a home that you can use as a vacation rental when you are not enjoying some time away on the Russian River call David R. Millar (BRE#01354778) at 707-217-1786.

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