Spas on the Russian River

Top 5 Spas On The Russian River

Spas on the Russian River tend to be hidden away among the trees for privacy and tranquility but I thought that it was high time we bring them out and put a spotlight on the places that offer visitors and locals alike a place where they can slow down, shed the stress of everyday life, and have someone pamper them for awhile. Check out the top 5 spas on the Russian River and please leave a comment about what you think below!

#1 West Sonoma Inn and Spa

West Sonoma Inn and Spa

West Sonoma Inn and Spa in Guerneville is not just a spa,it is also an Inn offering whole cottages to rent or a quaint relaxing suite with a view of the vineyards. It is the perfect spa weekend! Take the girls, or your fella and hit the road! This is one of the top 5 spas on the Russian River because it offers a wide range of spa treatments including a Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot River Stone, Mommy To Be Massage, Honey Lavender body Wrap, Russian River Exfoliation, Hydrating Facial, and a Deep Cleaning Mask. Even their prices are reasonable for what they offer. This is a must try spa!

#2 Osmosis Day Sap Sanctuary

Osmosis Day Spa Sactuary

Osmosis Day Spa is actually located just East of the Russian River on Bohemian Highway in Freestone. I picked it as one of the best spas on the Russian River because of their signature Cedar Bath that is actually a Japanese treatment to detox and rejuvenate the body using cedar chips and enzymes. This is not however their only spa service. They also offer a wide range of treatments including facials, overnight pampering, massages, and specialty massages including Essential Meridian Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Sports Massage, Thai, Shiatsu, Slim and Tone Treatment, Integrated Reflexology, Reiki and Reflexology, and Pregnancy Massages. The grounds look like a magazine cover with stunning Japanese tea gardens and a very tranquil feel. It is a place that offers peace, healing, and comfort.

#3 Boon Hotel & Spa

Boon Hotel + Spa

Boon Hotel and Spa is actually one of those places that many people discount as one of the spas on the Russian River because they don't realize how much this amazing place has to offer! Their restaurant is delicious and draws people from all over and their Inn is known to have some of the best service in Sonoma County...but what about their spa? The spa treatments are fantastic located on a small icon on the page of their website that has a pool. These are often overlooked however they have a Deep Cleansing Facial, a Deep Tissue Massage, a Wine Down Massage (yeah look that up and tell me you don't want to spend eternity here), a Body and Sole Massage, Couples Massages, Brightness Facials, Full Body Massage, and Pregnancy Massage as well. It is definitely one stop shopping if you are looking for a place to unwind and get pampered.

#4 June Bug Skin and BodyApplewood Inn Restaurant and Spa

Right in the heart of Guerneville you will find June Bug. June Bug offers a variety of services to help you feel rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed. They provide facials, massage, make-up, tanning, eyelashes and more. Perfect place for a a group or pre-event pampering (such as a wedding party). 


#5 Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa

Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa

Perhaps you are ocean bound! If you are one of those people that just loves to escape to the ocean whenever possible then the Sonoma Coast Villa & Spa may be just your cup of tea. They are located in Bodega bay and offer an inn and restaurant as well as their spa treatments. They have taken on a very elegant decor and their service is prompt and friendly. They have spa packages that include The Sonoma Plan, The Midweek Spa Package, and The Net Release. Their treatments include a combination of Facials, Full Body Massage, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. This is one of the most remote and yet most beautiful spas in West Sonoma County.