Staging A Russian River Home

This time of year is often not the real estate season, however, this year the market is remaining strong despite the arrival of Holiday decor and good cheer! Here are some helpful staging tips for those who are planning to list their home this holiday season!

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Remove Clutter, Clean and Stage!

Begin by removing as much of your personal belongings from the home as possible, then give your home a nice deep cleaning. Make sure to get the carpets cleaned and the windows washed. This may not seem like that big of a deal but in truth, we live on the Russian River in the forest and dirt cakes everything whether we like it or not! Giving your home a nice bath and possibly staging it will give it a clean homey feel.

Complement Your Palette and Create Festivity!

If your home is painted a soft ocean blue inside probably hanging red and green clashing colors is a disaster waiting to happen. Choose instead light blue and silver or some white snowflakes that will compliment your home. Also, hang a wreath on the door and make sure to have some holiday cider boiling during the open house to create festivity in your home.

Go Light, Treeless, and Equal Opportunistic!

Go easy on the lights and don't want to overwhelm buyers. Also, We live in the forest, having a tree is okay but not necessary...if you do decide to have one make sure the size fits the house. The most important thing is keep the religious decorations to a minimum. This will give everyone an equal opportunity to love your home!