Beginning on September 24th at Vacation Beach here in Guerneville the summer dams will start to be taken down. The Process takes some time as the workers remove one board at a time letting the water out slowly. On September 27th the work will begin at Johnson's beach to take down the dam there. The entire process for both locations will be complete as of October first! This impacts both the locals and those who are vacationing here from out of the Russian river area.

All About The Russian River Summer Dams

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The first major change is that the summer bridge at Vacation beach will no longer be there. This is really important to those who use the bridge regularly during the summer because once it comes down you will be able to drive down onto the beach but will no longer be able to get across the river. Also on one side of the river it is very difficult to get your car out once you have driven down unless you go across the bridge and since the bridge will not be there cars will have difficulty turning around

Also once the bridges have been removed it is the ideal time for fishing at the Russian River since the Salmon and Steel head begin swimming upstream and will be inundating the river. This is the perfect time to grab the fishing gear and head on out to the Russian River for some peaceful fishing time. This is a great time of year to take a weekend trip with the family before it starts to rain and the river rises. Guerneville has some great Russian River Lodging near Johnson's Beach.

Riverfront Homes On The Russian River

Vacation Beach is a very popular spot for riverfront vacation rentals on the Russian River. If you have been thinking about buying or selling a home on the Russian River this is the perfect time! The Russian River Real Estate market is on fire. The buyers have been coming out of the woodwork all summer and they are ready to buy! In this area, the majority of the people who are buying river-front homes are people from San Francisco with high tech jobs that are looking to diversify their investment portfolio by investing in Real Estate. They have been priced out of the city by the rising market and so they invest in Russian River Real Estate and purchase river-front vacation rentals where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax. When they are not using their vacation rental the rent it out and collect on their investment. The seller's in the Russian River area are experiencing their homes being bid up way over asking price. The buyers are driving up the prices of homes by offering over asking for homes. When they sell those homes they then set the new market as the market is determined by sold homes in the area that are similar to the ones being listed.

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