Historical Summerhome Park

Established in 1908 Summerhome Park is a step back in time to when many city-dwelling middle class families had second (vacation) homes.  In the fifties, sixties and seventies we had a very robust middle class with living wages, allowing regular folks to afford vacation homes. Summerhome Park on the Russian River has preserved that type of tightly knit vacation community with roughly 130 homes, snuggled on the south side of the beautiful Russian River, for over one hundred years.  Homes for sale in the Russian River Valley that are "Riverfront" properties are highly sought after and there is currently one available.

Centered in the community is an Amphitheater, Lodge and Clubhouse where members and guest come together to celebrate each other and form lifelong bonds. Many residents have been vacationing here for generations, every member cherished as only this type of community allows.  Periodically a home comes up for sale here and is usually snatched up quickly because of the community that has developed here over many decades.

Canoes At Summerhome Park BeachMembers of Summerhome park have access to a private sunny beach, a stone’s throw away from the gorgeous Korbel winery and vineyards.  If you have ever taken a ride on river road and look south at the Korbel winery you’ll know what I’m talking about.  The view is one of  THE most beautiful in all of California and Summerhome park beach is right in the middle of it.  However access to Summerhome Park is not straightforward, as you have to take a series of turns on small country roads to get there, but it is well worth the detour off the beaten path.

David R. Millar Summerhome Park Real Estate AgentSummerhome Park homes for sale are rare but can be found on David R Millar’s website.  Interested buyers are better off searching the web to get some insight on the “lay of the land” before making the short car ride from the bay area to view homes for sale and Dave’s website will give you all the information on all the homes for sale in the entire Russian River Valley.