Taste Summertime At Flavors Unlimited

A bright eyed child enters Flavors Unlimited on a summer afternoon after playing in the river, bouncing with anticipation for his favorite ice cream cone. As Shannon and Andy greet the little boy and his family he impatiently interrupts to tell them exactly what he wants. Shannon and Andy chuckle with his parents and fetch him his treat. Upon receiving his small taste of summertime he smiles up at them as if they have handed him the world! This is what Shannon and Andy Amaya have to look forward to each day when they head into work.

Russian River Plaque

How It Began...

Flavors Unlimited Guerneville CA

Shannon and Andy had lived in Las Angeles and when the time came for them to take the next step and get married they decided to get married in Forestville Instantly they fell in love with the Russian River area."The air was so clear! It was like I could finally take a deep breath," Shannon explained. A few years later they packed up their belongings and their two children and made their way here to put down roots. Shannon worked in the Creation Salon for years and Andy built his Handyman business. One of the previous owners of Flavors Unlimited had often gone into have her nails done by Shannon and one day mentioned that they were planning on selling their small business on the Russian River.

"We like to hire local kids to work in the shop. This is such a great community and it's just so much fun working here. We get to see people getting a treat before going in the river and after they get out. We get to see the locals and those who are visiting. Really it's just fun!"

The Parlor

Shannon and Andy offer their visitors breakfast, lunch and delicious ice cream treats. They have everything from biscuits and gravy, eggs and bacon to hamburgers and fries or fish and chips! It is a favorite stop for many of the locals, as well as tourists to stop in and get something scrumptious to eat either on their way to or back from the Russian River. The shop features Wild Dairy and Clover Ice Cream which are more local dairies lending to their stance on supporting all local businesses.

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Flavors Unlimited Across From Safeway In Guerneville

The previous owners had done such a wonderful job of creating an inviting atmosphere for people to come and taste what summertime has to offer that Shannon and Andy kept much of the parlor as it was, the only additions were the ones that would complement and enhance the business. They strive to keep the business comfortable, family oriented, and connected to the community.

"The Russian River is beautiful and serene...calming at it's core. We came here from the city and let me tell you this is a place where you can just take a deep breath and enjoy the friendly atmosphere."

The Machine...

"What makes Flavors Unlimited unique is our blending machine. Many people have come in and told us that they heard about our machine and what it can do and they want to physically watch it in action," says Shannon. How it works is first the customer will pick a flavor of ice cream and then choose from the 50+ toppings available. Then the machine will blend it all up so that you have equalized the toppings ensuring you will get toppings in every bite!

Flavors Unlimited Guerneville CA

What Lies Ahead For Flavors Unlimited?

Shannon and Andy's dream is to go mobile with their business one day. Perhaps a cart that they can take around town on special occasions so that people won't have to walk so far from the center of town to get their delicious treats. One day they even plan on acquiring their own ice cream truck so that they can travel around the Russian River community putting smiles on people's faces and sharing in their joy!