The Laguna de Santa Rosa fills a most important need in the whole of the environmental/ecological system in West Sonoma County including the towns of Windsor, Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Forestville, Sebastopol and on down the ecological stream to all of the lower Russian River.  It not only serves as a filter for pollutants from human habitation and chemical waste from the counties agricultural businesses it also has a hand controlling flood waters that feed into the Russian River. Draining some 254 square miles of the Santa Rosa Plain's watershed the Laguna de Santa Rosa has within it a 14-mile channel which is also home to one of Californian's most diverse ecological systems.

At 30,000 Acres the Laguna de Santa Rosa is home to hundreds of bird spices ranging from Bald Eagles to Humming Birds and is an important resting point for migrating bird populations.  Mammals such as Bobcats, River Otters, Minks and many more call this protected area home.  The area where the land meets the wetlands and river channels is called the Riparian Zone and is another big word I can add to my vocabulary. The protected wetland is managed by The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation which holds several fundraising events over the year and is Headquartered in the rebuilt home of  John Morrison who built the original house in 1870 as part of "the Stone Farm" located at  900 Sanford Road, Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation offers walking tours of the Laguna and even has Trained Docents who are certified to teach a large age ranch of children right in the classroom. Some of the events held at the new Stone Farm House aareaPocker night, Mardi Gras Casino night, Tree-athon and many many Walking tours.  All proceeds go to keeping the Laguna de Santa Rosa in good repair and restore the property back to it's original splendor by erasing mans foot print from the sensitive area.  The Foundation has also developed many maps for visitors to use for it's marvelous walking trials and bring your canoe for a watery trip down the Central Channel. To find a home near the area which is really only a Ten Minute drive from anywhere in the West County Call me (707)217-1786.