The time has come! Millar and Company is proud to welcome Mike Shoys to the First Friday Art Walk here on the Russian River! Mike is a local photographer from Forestville who has always wanted to participate in the Art Walk but has not done so until now! Many of you may be familiar with Mikes photographs since he is featured in the Sebastopol Gallery and has a rapidly growing reputation. The most unique thing about Mike's work is that his photos are adventurous. He often goes on long hikes at four o' clock in the morning to get the most perfect shots of the sun rising across the hillsides or the moon hanging low over the Pacific Ocean. Many of his prints are on sheets of metal, glossed over to accent the colors and create a beautiful scenic display. Mike's photographs will be hanging here in Guerneville at Millar and Company until the end of August. We invite everyone to come by and take a look! Mike will be here in Guerneville at the office on August 1st for the First Friday Art Walk so if you have any questions or comments for him then that is the perfect time to come on by and see him in person! #RussianRiver #Guerneville #Activelife #RussianRiverLiving #GuernevilleRealEstate #RussianRiverRealEstate #Photography