Trulia and Zillow can be great resources when looking at Russian River Real Estate in terms of what is available however, if you are selling a home in the Russian River, you will need to be careful because rural property is often priced using different elements and therefore Trulia and Zillow can be extremely inaccurate.

How Is Russian River Real Estate Priced?

Homes for sale on the Russian River are usually priced using different elements than square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size, etc. People who are looking to buy rural property in this area are looking for a lifestyle. They want to sit out on their deck and look out at a stunning view of the Russian River, luscious vineyards, or rolling hills. They want a home they can rent out as a vacation rental, that has river access or is riverfront...or creek front. They want sunshine, which is hard to find in the middle of the forest! Open sunny areas that are surrounded by trees are like little pots of gold in the Russian River real estate world. They want privacy! That is the true key right there! They want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have a place where they can reconnect with themselves and nature...some place quiet.

What Does This Have To Do With Trulia And Zillow?

Trulia and Zillow are great tools if you are looking to invest in real estate but are not sure what you want or if you are serious about buying a home. They provide quality information about what is listed for sale in your area. However if you are looking for the value of your home and you are located in a rural area Zillow and Trulia don't take into account all of the distinguishing characteristics of rural property such as views, proximity to a lake or river, and privacy. So if you live in a rural area and are looking for an accurate value you will need to hook up with a local agent.